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Let’s Try Sober Traveling This Summer, Shall We?

Let’s Try Sober Traveling This Summer, Shall We?


Most times, when we think of vacations and travels, we often see them as an opportunity to sample drinks and get wasted. But with sober traveling, the stakes are different. This style of traveling champions the possibility of exploring your dream destinations without observing them through the lens of a bottle. Maintaining sobriety during your voyages helps you focus on wellness, mindfulness, and taking in the moment–what traveling is really all about!

What a time to be alive! Regardless of gender, age, or social class, everyone is being deliberate about upgrading their lifestyle choices. If you want to experience a world void of alcohol (and drugs), this lifestyle trend is the perfect way to go about it. Sober traveling not only offers a holistic approach to visiting destinations but also improves our lives and health.

What are the benefits of sober traveling?

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Traveling alcohol-free offers a slew of benefits, including:

  • Clarity: Sobriety allows you to fully experience and appreciate your surroundings without the haze of alcohol or drugs, enhancing your travel experience. You can finally feel what you feel and be at peace with it.
  • Better health: Avoiding alcohol and drugs can improve your physical and mental health while traveling, helping you feel more energized and balanced. The effect alcohol has on our brains, mood, and entire system is enough to justify this choice. Even if you are not sold on ditching alcohol for good, take time to detox, as it allows the body to heal itself and cleanses your system. 
  • Safety: Sobriety reduces the risk of accidents or dangerous situations that can arise from impaired judgment or coordination while under the influence. While on vacation, it’s not unheard of for people to say: “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” highlighting that we don’t often make the right choices under the influence. The results can range from regrettable sexual encounters to unnecessary physical altercations. Indeed, being drunk and free has its costs.
  • Authentic connections: Being sober can lead to deeper connections with locals and fellow travelers, as you’re more present and engaged in conversations and activities. Lots of people have relegated traveling to frolicking with strangers and leaving without meaningful relationships. Some stop at flings or the occasional tipsy flirting, but we are likely to have better conversations when sober. 
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  • Explore the city: Sober traveling allows you to fully immerse yourself in local culture, cuisine, and activities without the distraction of substances. Head out and taste the food, take in the art, stroll at sunset, listen to music, or go shopping for souvenirs. Remember that uncle like Colin Bridgerton who traveled to 17 cities and returned with unending tales of his journey? Clear-headedness allows you to create lasting memories and fully enjoy all the unique experiences that travel has to offer.

Considering traveling sober? Check out these tips to make it memorable…

  • Make plans: Research your destination to find sober-friendly activities, accommodations, and dining options. You can also look for local sober communities or events that might be of interest.
  • Choose accordingly: Opt for destinations known for their natural beauty, cultural experiences, or wellness retreats, rather than those famous for nightlife and party scenes.
  • Create your environment: Many hotels and hostels cater to sober travelers, providing an alcohol-free environment. Wellness retreats and health-focused resorts are also great options.
  • Engage in sober activities: Focus on activities that don’t involve alcohol, such as hiking, sightseeing, visiting museums, attending cultural events, or engaging in local workshops and classes.
  • Choose individuals with like passions: Use apps and online forums to connect with other sober travelers. Platforms like Meetup, Reddit, or specific sober travel groups on Facebook can be great resources.
  • Pack with intentionality: Bring items that support your sobriety, such as books, journals, or hobby materials. Also, pack healthy snacks to avoid cravings that might arise from hunger.
  • Maintain a routine: Keep a pattern similar to the one at home, including regular exercise, meditation, or other practices that help you stay grounded.
  • Set boundaries: If you’re sober and traveling with others, communicate your commitment to sobriety and plan activities that don’t center around drinking.
  • Have a support system: Stay in touch with your support network through phone calls, messages, or online meetings. Consider downloading apps that connect you with a sobriety coach or group.
  • Prepare for triggers: Identify potential triggers you might encounter, and have strategies to deal with them. This might include a list of reasons for your sobriety, practicing mindfulness, or having an escape plan if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

By focusing on enriching experiences and maintaining your commitment to sobriety, you can enjoy fulfilling and memorable travel experiences without alcohol or drugs.

Happy travels!

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