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White Handbags Will Help You Nail The Rich Girl Look This Summer

White Handbags Will Help You Nail The Rich Girl Look This Summer


The odds will forever be in favor of wearing pristine whites in summer. For one, it’s a hue that perfectly evokes the carefree vibe of the season. But if a full-on white get-up seems intimidating, you can still bring the spark with a white handbag. Stringing along white handbags in summer and making them serve any coordination is the real O.G. move. While the color calls for careful maintenance, its aesthetic prop is worth the hype.

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The white handbag is an absolute find. Incorporating them into any outfit, whether dresses, denim, loungewear, or even skirts, automatically adds a touch of luxury to your offering. The result is that you look like a million bucks without spending half as much. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Now that I have your attention, here’s how to rock white handbags in summer as a certified style star.

Check out how to style white handbags in summer…

#1. Breezy shirt dresses

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A timeless shirt dress is a non-negotiable ally this summer. View this easy frock as a new sheet with endless inking possibilities. Opt for any length, as long as it suits you and your day’s activities. What’s most important is a cute little white bag that brings a subtle charm, lending enough poise to be worn wherever you wish.

#2. Corporate girlie

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When the workplace is involved, we tend to tilt toward ingenious cuts for both outfits and accessories. When styling white handbags for workwear, you can choose to play with tones or textures that punch up the sleek tailoring. The result can be simple and absolutely delightful.

#3. Elevated cowgirl

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To nail the cowgirl trend, hats and boots are the essentials. Once you have these two pieces, aligning any style to fit into the cowgirl aesthetic becomes a walk in the park. Complete the trendy look with a white purse that blends seamlessly into the coordination.

#4. Blazer x jeans

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Launch your soft girl era with this fail-proof outfit. Rock belted blazers with oversized jeans for a super-easy look that doesn’t come off as lazy. The timeless pair will always deliver and can be styled to suit any occasion. Let the textures and proportions spruce up the simple combo. If you’re aiming for an edgier fit, denim-on-denim is your plug.

#5. Leather glam

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Leather isn’t always summer’s favorite go-to, but you can employ lighter and more breathable options to change the game. You can also choose ventilated variations, such as cut-out leather dresses, woven pants sets, or mini skirts. The code is to project slinky leather, with the appropriate crowning being a white leather bag that stands out with class.

#6. Color play

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Once you secure the bag, let it talk. After which, let the colors converse. The bolder, the better. Wearing white handbags in summer requires being daring enough to rock different colors in symphony. You can consider blending various solid colors or rocking a multicolored jacket over a solid-colored fit. Punctuate the zesty hues with a white bag for a softer finish.

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#7. Dazzle energy

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Sequins and metallics have long transcended the festivities to become everyday wear. Even so, sparkles have become a fun part of summer. Throw on a simple collared shirt tucked into high-waisted shorts, and turn the look around with a fringe belt. Metallics change the trajectory of any ensemble. While it’s renowned for after-dark parties, wearing a metallic jacket or skirt with a sleek top and your signature white mini bag also makes sense in the daytime.

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#8. Pleated minis

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Pleated mini skirts are all the rave now. Although the outfit is famous for its slinky vibe, its preppy disposition is still the most popular. Style your pleated mini skirt with a sleek blazer or a peplum top, sheer tights, and knife pumps for a polished look. Introduce a white mini bag for that extra oomph and you’re good to go.

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#9. Formal chic

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Simple formal dresses are so unproblematic that you need not break a sweat when styling. They exude a timeless aura and often require a few additions to help them stand out. This is where white handbags come in. Go for an option with easy cuts and stand-out designs, or one that complements the dress without outshining it.

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#10. All-white marvels

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We can’t round off rocking white handbags in summer without an all-white-everything fit. Whether it’s a polished suit or breezy balloon skirt, all-white is a pristine takeover that serves in true summer fashion.

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