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Beyond The Dress: The Best Wedding Wellness And Fitness Tips

Beyond The Dress: The Best Wedding Wellness And Fitness Tips


There’s a general saying that if you don’t look your best on your wedding day, the moment is lost. For this reason, couples want to get fit for a wedding and are obsessed with it. They subject themselves to a wedding diet and bridal fitness plan that could take them near death’s door. Fortunately, there are healthier, easier ways to go.

It’s all about knowing your body and guiding it towards what works. You must also be patient, disciplined, and consistent with your routine.

You could also have fun while at it. As wedding season approaches, we want you to not only look good in your wedding dress or suit but to feel good from the inside out.

Don’t take our words for it, check out these tips that will make you into a glowing bride…

#1. Cop a “Sweat for the Wedding” Bride Box

Every workman needs equipment; a fitness-centered on the bride box is essential for this new journey. Few bridal services focus on keeping the belle fit, and Miss to Mrs.Box is the best of them. It offers a special wedding subscription box called “Sweating for the wedding.”

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Sweating for the Wedding box contains useful items that the bride needs to stay fit. In it, you’ll find a workout shirt that’s both comfortable and fashionable. There’s a workout band that keeps you stable during your poses, plus a workout and diet planner. Other items include headbands, water bottles for hydration, elastic bands, and more.

Miss to Mrs. doesn’t just keep the bride fit; it also helps her plan the wedding and shows her how to have fun. With 9 themed boxes, brides can choose any of the four plans tailored to fit every wedding stage. With this brand, you’re covered!

#2. Walk, walk, walk

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If you’ve lived a sedentary life or driven everywhere, now is the time to start walking. If you’ve never made compromises in a relationship, now is the time. Walk with your partner everywhere, even when you feel like getting on a vehicle. Increase your step count to keep you fit, tone your muscles, and enhance your cardio-metabolic activities. Your renewed strength and seamless blood flow will thank you.

#3. Start from your mind

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If you want to be successful at your wedding fitness plan, work on your mind first. Don’t approach fitness as a task, chore, or wedding duty. Make it a lifestyle way beyond the Wedding. Change your habits, incorporate healthier ones, and maintain them. Your life doesn’t stop after the wedding, so don’t let it deteriorate. Also, remember to curate every change you notice, every activity that worked in a journal. This encourages you and helps with your consistency.

#4. Make your body goals realistic

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Overwhelm is a common occurrence when planning a wedding. Aiming for fitness or activating a wedding weight loss plan could prove mega stressful. So we advise that you stay honest with yourself and avoid pressure. Create plans that will work around your wedding preparation without it becoming a chore. This way, it’s easier to meet your goals.

#5. Ensure quality sleep


We understand that wedding planning is no mean feat, but your sleep is important. As a couple, it’s important to get at least seven hours of sleep to help you function better. You want to avoid the dead eyes and eye bags that sleeplessness can cause. Also, invest in sleep trackers to monitor your sleep quality (REM and non-REM). Lastly, shut down all gadgets at least an hour before bed so that your body can prepare for rest.

#6. Take a timeout

Know when your body is screaming and take a timeout. The body needs rest, and you don’t keep going when it needs you to stop. Shut down and get away to somewhere instead. Rejuvenate and come back stronger.

#7. Imbibe discipline

Photo: Courtesy Wedding Forward

Discipline and consistency are the two factors that will help you achieve your body goals beyond the wedding. Wake up every day with the thought that you’re creating something beautiful. Work out from a place of joy, and you’ll see the need to keep at it. There’ll be temptations to cheat, rest, or forget about it, but your goals should keep you grounded.

#8. Adopt a personalized plan

Bodies and fitness goals differ. While one person may want to keep fit, another could want to lose fat. So contact a nutritionist and trainer, telling them your body goals. They will customize a couple’s diet and workout plan for you. They may not be there to guide you, but you can follow the plan successfully.

#9. Be intentional about what you consume

There are so many kinds of fitness diets out there that work initially but detrimental in the end. Any diet that eliminates an important class food isn’t sustainable because deficiencies will occur in the long run. The goal is to eat healthily and within reason. So be intentional about what you consume, from your calories to minerals and vitamins.

Eating healthy

If you’ve resolved to get fit for a wedding, don’t expect a smooth ride. Temptations will come but let your goals keep you going. Get an accountability partner, spouse preferably, and hit your body goals together

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