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Wales Bonner and Kerry James Marshall Join Forces For A Limited-Edition Capsule Collection

Wales Bonner and Kerry James Marshall Join Forces For A Limited-Edition Capsule Collection


Wales Bonner and Kerry James Marshall join forces to fight anti-Black racism and mass incarceration with a new capsule collection.

With all proceeds going towards the Study and Struggle charity, which is a group that “organizes against criminalization and incarceration in Mississippi through mutual aid, political education, and community building,” Wales Bonner and Kerry James Marshall have unveiled this limited-edition garment capsule.

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The mini-capsule sees two t-shirts released, with both pieces utilizing the work of the Alabama artist who often bases his work around realism and the Black experience. The first out of the two takes details from Marshall’s Lost Boys: AKA Black Sonny (1993) and includes it on an earth-toned t-shirt, with the second being an original image made especially for Wales Bonner, one which comes printed onto a vibrant yellow t-shirt which Marshall describes as “an iconic emblem that requires no translation.” The power of these works by Marshall is their tribute to Black lives lost in America.

“It is a profound honor to collaborate with Kerry James Marshall on this capsule collection – an artist whose practice was foremost in my mind when I first conceived of Wales Bonner in 2014,” said Grace Wales Bonner. “The brand was established as a means to bring an Afro-Atlantic spirit to European notions of luxury. My inspiration grew from an observation that the problems Kerry had identified with the western art historical canon were also abundant in the world of fashion. His artistic achievements opened my eyes to the real power and liberating possibilities of image-making.”


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She added that she hopes everyone who buys a T-shirt will “revere and cherish these images as I do, and share in my happiness that proceeds from the collection will be directed towards the essential goals of freedom and justice.”

The collection has also been documented in a series of photos by Tyler Mitchell and is modeled by Binx Walton, Calvin Royal III, and Muhammad Fadel Lo.

The Wales Bonner x Kerry James Marshall capsule is available to buy now via the Wales Bonner website.

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