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Victoria Beckham At 45: A Glance At 7 Of Her Poshest Looks

Victoria Beckham At 45: A Glance At 7 Of Her Poshest Looks


Today, April 17, fashion designer, singer and model, Victoria Beckham turns 45. From her days as Posh Spice in the iconic all-girl pop group, Spice Girls to being a businesswoman now, Victoria has had one of the most dynamic and fascinating styles of our lifetime. She’s internationally recognised as a style icon, a title she effortlessly embodies.

In recent years, her style been one every boss chic aspires to. Whether she is on the street in London, at the airport in New York or on the red carpet in LA, the mother of four religiously sticks to classic silhouettes and precise proportions. Victoria Beckham never fails at giving menswear a contemporary, feminine spin without losing her spice.

With a strong preference from monochrome ensembles in fresh colours, Victoria’s style is as posh as you’d expect from someone with such a nickname…no kidding. Her preference for sleek silhouettes bleeds into her choice of accessories, hairstyles and makeup looks. 

Always with a serious demeanor and ever looking business ready, you can expect to see her rocking pieces from her eponymous brand, more often than not.

These are 7 of her poshest looks…

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham birthday celebrations

Victoria Beckham

Photo Credit: Getty Images.  Victoria Beckham age 45 – a look at her iconic style.

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Victoria Beckham birthday celebrations.

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