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Trend Alert! Constellation Piercings – Shooting Stars on Ear Lobes

Trend Alert! Constellation Piercings – Shooting Stars on Ear Lobes

Are you tired of your lone, boring single piercing? Do you want a subtle yet statement piercing that will reflect your style? Not sure what kind of ear piercing to get? Look no further, constellation piercings trend is perfect for you!

Already gathering quite the momentum this year thanks to L.A based celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson who’s pierced for everyone including Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. This ear-piercing trend is guaranteed to be a huge hit in 2017.

This dainty trend is inspired by constellations, hence the name. Much like star patterns, the piercings are made in groups of three or more on the earlobe/cartilage and then worn with dainty earrings or studs. These delicate clusters of ear jewellery then dot your ear lobes just like the stars and planets dots the night sky. Constellation piercings are unique to each individual, beautifully tailored to your style and ear shape, subtle and dreamy, yet making a strong statement. They look fantastic with smaller, simpler shapes but for that extra oomph, include a ring or statement shape (like a star, moon or cross).

And just incase you already have one too many ear piercings or you’re not up for the pain that comes with new piercings, head to your nearest accessory store for constellation earrings or clip ons and that should do the trick!

Will you be rocking the constellation piercings trend anytime soon? Let us know.

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