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5 Key Tips to Help You Party in Style This Festive Season | Men’s Style

5 Key Tips to Help You Party in Style This Festive Season | Men’s Style

Party in Style

If you are in Lagos and commute Victoria Island everyday, you just may have stumbled on the decorations around Ajose Adeogun and that simply tells you the official party season has begun! With the multiple parties come meeting old and new friends and we know making a lasting impression is the one thing on everyone’s mind when dressing for holiday parties. Hence this post; to help our Style Rave gents party in style this festive period.

Of course most guys know how to party but are victims of the party season’s potential style pitfalls. One thing that really matters and can make or break your overall ‘look’ is surely the way you choose to dress up. From turning up under-dressed to wrongly dressed for the occasion, we know it’s not always smooth sailing through the festive circuit.

While every guy wants to look good at a party, most face a hard time choosing the right shirt, jeans, shoes or even the whole outfit. Wear the best clothes and you come out as the star of the party, do the opposite and you become the guy standing alone at the bar with no one looking your way.

We’ve compiled a handy Yuletide style guide help our Style Ravens become the envy of other guys and a magnet for the ladies at every party you choose to bless with your presence. You’re welcome!

Velvet Never Goes Out of Style


For formal or semi-formal parties, rather than go for your traditional lapel suit, opt for the velvet blazers and stand out from the crowd whilst fashionably adhering to the dress code.

Throw on A Waistcoat

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The waistcoat is one piece that, once mastered, can bring a whole new dimension to your look while giving you enough room to experiment with layers and party in style.

Be sure to match your waistcoat to the formal or casual nature of the party you’re attending.

When in Doubt, Wear Monochrome!

Party in Style akin faminu

If the monochrome fits perfectly, then it will definitely be one of the best party outfits for you, hands down.

Whether you’re attending a formal or casual party, monochrome is a way to show confidence in your style. All-black, all-white or white and black looks never go out of style. Be sure to add a personal flair that makes your monochrome style unique to you.

Wear A Signature Shirt


There should be one signature shirt of yours which instantly makes you a standout. It could be a shirt with a quotation, designs and patterns, multi-coloured or a simple but classic white designer shirt.

Spice Your Look With a Statement Accessory


Statement socks, statement ties, designer belts or statement jewelries are examples of accessory pieces that take your style up a notch and speak volume about your sense of style.

The key with statement pieces is to limit how many you put on at a time. Two statement items are best as you don’t wanna come across as trying too hard by wearing too many statement accessories at a time. Your look has to appear effortless, bro.

So how do you plan to stylishly stand out this holiday season? As you party in style, be sure to tag us to your best looks using #StyleRaveNG

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