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Travel Nigeria: 5 Exciting Places To Visit In Kaduna

Travel Nigeria: 5 Exciting Places To Visit In Kaduna


If you are wondering whose yard you should storm this holiday season we have pretty good reasons why you should consider Kaduna. The adventurous, low-budget, nature or culture-loving traveller will find this Northern Nigerian State to be a true treasure.

Rich in history, Kaduna is a great state with remarkable cultural diversity, especially in its capital city of Kaduna. Its residents will tell you that there’s never a dull moment in Kaduna city and across the state, you’ll never fall short of exciting places to go sightseeing.

The most beautiful thing about the state has got to be its natural disposition and how welcoming the proud indigenes are; always ready to give you a little history class here and there.

Check out these beautiful places in Kaduna, when next you go visiting…

#1. The NOK settlement

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If you’re an art enthusiast, it’s almost impossible for you not to have heard of NOK and its antiquities that beautify many museums and galleries across the globe. The small rustic famous village is located in Jaba local government in Southern Kaduna. NOK village claims to be Africa’s first site of civilization where life-sized terracotta carvings were first discovered.

The great stories emanating from NOK has attracted foreign tourists and scholars who come from far and wide to see firsthand Africa’s greatest collection of artifacts and precious antiquities in their raw state. The village is also known for its countless ginger plantations. This is one place you should try out this holiday season if you’re in Southern Kaduna. Wouldn’t it be enlightening to witness firsthand – Africa’s first globally recognized encounter with modern art and see for yourself these priceless works of art?

#2. Kagoro Hills

Afan Ae’gworok – as the locals call these hills in Kagoro town, near Kafanchan (the commercial hub of Kaduna) – is a hill towering over 1,246 meters above sea level. This should hint you on the hiking experience and with hundreds of tourists flooding this hill weekly, the climb up is so much easier and more fun. It is customary to seek the consent of the chief of Kagoro before commencing this trip. It is also advised to avoid spraying perfumes because the hill inhabits a bee colony.

It is advisable to hire a guide who would make stops to tell legendary stories surrounding these hills while taking you through secret pathways, encountering many freshwater springs, and even stopping for a palm wine break. The view from the top is everything and it’s also a great spot for picnics. If you love adventure then add Kagoro hills to your bucket list.

#3. Kajuru Castle

Just like every castle, this one doesn’t fall short of splendor. It is hidden away in Kajuru village, Kaduna. Although the journey to this grand castle gets really dusty, once you behold this 19th-century Romanesque-style castle that dusty memory would be long forgotten. Be warned, the accommodation here is very pricey as it ranges from 300,000 NGN – 570,000 NGN.  If you can afford it then the way to go – if not, there are affordable hotels in the area where you can lodge.

From taking a tour of the castle to chilling and swimming in its nature-surrounded pool, there are so many romantic things to do here, and there’s even a sauna! So consider it a perfect place to visit with your special other.

The castle also has crocodiles which they claim guard the gates of the castle and it is picture perfect so keep your smartphones and/or cameras charged up.

#4. Matsirga waterfalls

This spot is popularly known amongst the natives as “river wonderful” and it is indeed a sight full of wonder. The locals barely even know it as Matsirga waterfalls. Located in Southern Kaduna, the waterfall has its water emanating from the springs on the Kagoro hills. It’s ironic how the loud splashes from the waterfall bring such tranquillity. 

Don’t forget to catch yourself with this magnificent waterfall as a backdrop on camera. #Instagramperfect. Of course, we didn’t have to tell you that.

#5. Zazzau palace

This colorfully patterned palace is located in Zaria city, Kaduna. The palace is located inside this archaic city. It might interest you to know that the Zazzau kingdom was a collection point for slaves who were distributed to Kano and Katsina where they were exchanged for mundane items.

Zazzau palace is a beauty to behold with its well-constructed high walls, exotic gates, and its Habe architectural design built with mud. This palace projects the rich Hausa culture and the Emir (when available) indulges tourists while they tour around the palace.

We can almost hear a resounding sigh of relief, especially from the first-time Kaduna visitors. Your visit to Kaduna doesn’t have to be bland, spice it up with these colorful tourist spot ideas.

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