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Top 5 Romantic Places To Go On A Date In Johannesburg

Top 5 Romantic Places To Go On A Date In Johannesburg

Are you visiting Johannesburg soon and wondering what to impress your dream girl/man? Or you’re just trying to keep your relationship spiced up? No matter the reason is, it’s understandable to want to escape the topsy-turvy of Johannesburg with that person who makes your heart skip a beat.

We find love in different things, whether it’s in the stars or by being suspended in the air with a view of the vibrant cityscape underneath or just over wine and laughter, there are so many romantic places in Johannesburg to help fulfill your fantasy and help you have a lekker time. These date ideas offer you two a chance to see Johannesburg in a way you’ve never experienced it before.

Here are the top 5 places to go an a romantic date in Johannesburg…

#1. Wine and dine at Winehouse at Ten Bompas (Dunkeld West)

According to Andre Simon; “Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” This is sure-fire one of our top romantic places in Johannesburg. The wine cellar of this spot is a must-visit and there’s nothing more effortlessly romantic than enjoying it with your plus one under one of the gorgeous trees.

The outdoor terrace promises a magical view of the gardens or better still have an intimate time in the dining room with little distractions. There are also many scrumptious meals to choose from, accompanied by a good bottle of wine. Life is too short to drink bad wine.

#2. Watch the sunset at North-cliff Water Tower

If watching the sunset in this boujee neighborhood from a beautiful vantage point with the love of your life is not one of the most romantic things to do in Johannesburg then we don’t know what is. This tower is set upon a hill in Lucky Avenue in North-cliff and is obviously not hidden. Although it can be seen from miles away, it’s not an easy spot to get to but worth every effort.

So grab your picnic mat, yummy meals in a basket, and of course some good wine to have an experience of a lifetime without drilling your pockets.

#3. Have a fun time at Roll Egoli roller rink

This roller-skating arena is located in the heart of Bryanston and is a happy way to burn out energy. This is a dress-down kinda date where you can truly feel liberated from the heels, an LBD, and heavy makeup needed for a candlelit dinner. We’ve all seen in rom-com movies how romantic the tumbling and plenty body contact – that come disguised as trying-to-guide-you-so-you-won’t-fall – is.

We’ve also seen how this ends up creating an electrifying bond between the couple. Whenever you start to feel exhausted, there are eateries where you can grab something to eat, catch a breath or two, and maybe a kiss. Wink! Why not add this to your list of romantic places in Johannesburg?


#4. Reach for the stars at the Wits Planetarium

This spot will definitely impress that special someone and you don’t need any astronomical knowledge to enjoy this date although they offer general astronomy lectures open to everyone. The planetarium offers a visual tour of the spinning orbits and galaxies and is legit one of the most romantic places in Johannesburg.

Is taking your boo somewhere to sit, watch the stars, and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears good enough? We say yebo!! You might be lucky to see a shooting star and that’s right—make a wish. Grab a pair of binoculars for a closer look, the experience is out of this world, literally.

#5. Try sky dining

You might want to check with your date if they’re scared of heights before bringing them here, you don’t want the date to become a puking fest. It’s like having lunch strapped in a roller coaster ride 50 meters off the ground with 21 other people and the city beneath your feet. If you have any dietary preferences or allergies, do well to mention them during booking although the chef would be on-site to prepare your choice of the available menu options. This might be extreme for some but what’s love without some adventure?

You know what they say about a person in love; Eish!! They’re always high up in their heads, walking on mental clouds and overly trying to impress their lover. Where words fail, these date ideas would suffice.

Featured image: Matthieu Huang | Unsplash

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