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Tissot PRX Powermatic 80: Summer’s Best Affordable Watches Have Just Arrived

Tissot PRX Powermatic 80: Summer’s Best Affordable Watches Have Just Arrived


Fans were pounding on the doors of Tissot’s Le Locle-based company for a mechanical version almost immediately after the quartz-powered PRX watch was released in 2021. The resultant Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 gave much of the appearance of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus for just over $700. It was housed in a 40mm stainless steel case with an integrated bracelet and had a patterned “waffle” dial.

Then, two months ago, the company added a few slightly scaled-down 35mm versions to its portfolio. While Tissot continues to separate its catalog into men’s and women’s lines, the strong case architecture of its Genta-esque design ensures that the 35mm PRX looks fantastic on virtually any wrist and offers an alternative size for those who find 40mm to be uncomfortable in size.


Furthermore, Tissot has done an outstanding job of avoiding oversaturating us with countless variations of what is obviously a hit, in contrast to many other manufacturers of budget watches. If you browse its website, you’ll find subtle variations in black, blue, green, and white, as well as a few two-tone references. More recently, it added a 40mm steel version with an icy blue dial and a gold-toned version with a matching bracelet. Both of these styles were influenced by the 1970s and are ideal summer accessories. Now that these two models are available in the smaller 35mm size, the choice is expanded for those who prefer a more manageable case profile, and they are a great value at $825 and $695, respectively.

Shop the gold colorway here.

The new PRX Powermatic is only Tissot’s most recent success story from the previous year. The vibrant Sideral is perfect if you’re searching for something a little less understated. The company’s Telemeter packs a lot of vintage charm into a single dial at a slightly higher price range. Similar to the regatta timer on the Sideral, the design is made to estimate the distance of distant events (like lightning or fireworks), but it’s really just an excellent excuse to add more color. The brand’s contemporary catalog ought to feature that vintage Tissot emblem more frequently as well.

The newest PRX watch from Tissot is yet another blockbuster for the budget watchmaker. They have “weekend-proof” 80-hour power reserves thanks to the Powermatic 80 automatic movement, so you could theoretically set one down on a Friday night and pick it up again on Monday morning and it would still be diligently ticking away. However, with their loud disco looks, robust sapphire crystals, and 100m of water resistance, we’d imagine these are watches one would pick up on a Friday night and set back down again on a Monday morning. They’re ideal for dining out, dance parties, beach days, or whatever else you get up to when the temperature rises.

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