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4 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas To Swoon Over

4 Thoughtful Holiday Gift Ideas To Swoon Over



t’s said that most people look forward to the festive jeers the holiday season brings annually. It’s a time of the year where you’re able to gather and meet with relatives and friends to catch up, share a meal, exchange gifts, watch your favorite holiday films, and embellish your home with colorful decorations. Not only that, the holidays are lso a great time for gift-giving and considering all that’s happened in the past year, we all need to be reminded that we’re appreciated. Therefore, now’s a great time for some thoughtful gift ideas your loved ones will totally adore.

As the gift-wrapping season comes near, preparing your loved one’s wishlist is important to avoid the rush and decision fatigue caused by last-minute shopping. This initiative can be helpful, especially if you can’t spend the holidays with them. Therefore, sending thoughtful presents is one way to let them feel that you’re celebrating with them, despite the physical distance imposed by the current public health crisis.

Check out 4 thoughtful gift ideas perfect for this festive season…

If you have no time to think about creative gift-giving ideas to send to your loved ones, here are some helpful examples you can consider:

#1. Ship fresh flowers

Photo: Gustavo Fring | Pexels

In the event that you can’t come home for the holidays, opt to send your loved ones a fresh floral arrangement. Flowers have become a traditional, go-to gift for nearly any occasion as they communicate an array of sentiments based on color, type, or presentation. While it can be easy to rely on your florist’s style, go out of your way and personalize your bouquet gift. For instance, send them a bunch of their favorite blooms or one that’s in a color that they’d personally adore. Flowers will certainly be a wonderful way to express your thanks and love to your dear ones.

When you’re planning to get holiday flowers to give away, make sure to include a card or a note. This way, you can mention all the reasons you’re thankful for your recipient. Certainly, they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Alternatively, you can also create your floral bouquet gift. Simply gather a bunch of fresh flowers from your garden, skim through Do-It-Yourself (DIY) floral arrangement tips online, and make one at home. Your receiver will love the gift, knowing you took the time to create the package yourself.

#2. Mail them a holiday letter

Photo: Olya Kobruseva | Pexels

Although, face-to-face interaction with your distant relatives and friends might be impossible this holiday season, you can always write them a letter to warm and melt their hearts. While you can always purchase a holiday card from nearby stores, personally writing the letter will allow your recipient to feel less alone and more loved during the season. Composing a holiday letter allows you to communicate your sentiments and tell them how much they mean to you. A letter can be the most thoughtful and practical gift for people whose love language centers on words of affirmation.

Moreover, penning a letter can be the perfect excuse to use and bust out all those aesthetic pieces of stationery you’ve been keeping for a while. Hence, fill your holiday letter with drawings, festive stickers, stamps, and fancy tapes. Feel free to get creative with your handwritten letters this year. Upon sealing your envelope, consider including a few family photos and a recent postcard from a trip to make it more special and personalized. Surely, another thoughtful holiday gift ideas they’ll appreciate.

#3. Send a holiday care package

Photo: Monstera | Pexels

Personally curated care packages are a thoughtful and beautiful way to connect and celebrate with your loved ones despite the geographical limitations. It allows your recipient to feel how much they mean to you because you’ve taken the time to curate a package that’s filled with things they need and want.

If your sibling can’t go home for the yuletide season, you can always send them a care package that includes their favorite treats, scented candles, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, and other pieces that remind them of home. These packages aren’t also limited to long-distant loved ones as you can always drop this off at your friend’s home to surprise them.

#4. Gift them memories

Photo: August de Richelieu | Pexels

Another thoughtful way to express holiday love is to send an item that you can share together to create fond memories. For instance, sending a copy of a new online recipe you’ve tried or an original heirloom menu item that’s important during traditional gatherings is a win. In this way, you can virtually bond and join each other as you prepare and cook the dish in your respective homes. On the other hand, if either one unexpectedly comes home during the holidays, you’ve got an amazing dish to prepare together.

In addition, sending them a digital picture of your favorite destination is a great hint that you’ll be going on a family trip on the New Year. Otherwise, share with them an online enrollment receipt that you’ve signed them up for painting classes. In this way, you can bond over an activity you both enjoy. All these ideas will certainly perk up their mood and excite them for the upcoming event.

Final thoughts

There’s an array of thoughtful and creative ways to share the holiday love with your family and friends. If you’ve run out of ideas, take inspiration from the list above and remind your dear ones how much they mean to you.

Featured image: Adrienne Andersen | Pexels

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