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Gift Right! Check Out The Best Fashion Gift Ideas For Women: 15 Items + Tips!

Gift Right! Check Out The Best Fashion Gift Ideas For Women: 15 Items + Tips!

As we head into the month of June, I am reminded that we’re already halfway through the year. Surprisingly, it seems to me that 2022 began only yesterday. Well, great we still have a couple of months to go before we wind up this year because now is the perfect time to score the ideal fashion gift for the special women — wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandma — in your life. From encrusted jewelry pieces that are as sentimental as they are fabulous, to eccentric bags, the possibilities are shockingly endless! 

Not only do these fashion gift ideas for women serve as the right birthday, anniversary, or even a surprise gift, but they also communicate thoughtfulness. However, the puzzle that accompanies shopping for a fashionable woman is real, especially when she already seems to have everything. So what do you do? As tasking as this question might seem, all you need are some pointers to fuel your intentional spree.

Here are a few helpful tips:

First off, you should get your recipient’s personality down to a tee. This way, whatever pocket-size luxury item or high-fashion parcel you grab hits the mark. Additionally, nothing screams courteous like a gift with functionality. Gifting a person something they get to use over and over again or in different ways means a lot.

Also worthy of note, the value of this fashion gift idea is of utmost significance. Whether it’s emotional, irreplaceable, or simply monetary, it always counts. So dust off your shopping boots and get your cards ready cause we’ve got you covered for a potential, practical splurge.

Check out 15 of the best fashion gift ideas for women this season…


At first glance, you might think this piece of jewelry is too basic for a fashion gift idea but think again because rare jewels — as well as cuts and designs — elevate its potential.  Think of gemstones like pearls, sapphires, and diamonds, as well as statement-making shapes and lengths. Voila, your recipient is sure to gleam wherever she goes.

#1. Pearl earringsthoughtful-gift-ideas-for-women

Shop pearl earrings edit



#2. Edgy earrings


Shop edgy earrings



#3. Dainty earrings

Shop editor’s recommendations




As the fashion powerhouse Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Epitomizing this expression in various sizes, tinges, materials, and designs, handbags make exquisite fashion gifts for women. Enveloping their decadence further, designer purses continue to steal hearts in their ultra-exclusive forms and can also prove a worthy financial investment. This is because certain luxury bags hold their value over time. 

#4. Trendy mini bags


Shop editor’s picks



#5. Delightful clutches

Shop editor’s clutches



#6. Tote bags 


Shop tote bag edit




Every fashionista wants to make a statement when she shows up, and few things do this better than a spiffy pair of shades. So cop one today and show some support for a finesse queen!

#7. Uniquely shaped sunglasses

Shop editor’s curation



#8. Oversized sunglasses

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Shoes are undoubtedly a frontrunner in the fashion gift department and this is no surprise as they speak louder than words. Most importantly, fabulous ladies want a prep in their step and a pair of ritzy heels, boots, or sneakers do this and more.  

#9. Killer Pumps


Shop pumps here



#10. Embellished heels

Shop embellished heels



#11. Do right with mules

Shop editor’s finds



#12. Sneakers for the swag


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As a classic and opulent staple, wristwatches have a way of sealing the captivating concept of a thoughtful gift. By being highly functional and essential to a lady’s daily routine––especially a sophisticated hustler––it’s a showstopper that never goes unappreciated. Womens diamond watches in particular, have a way of making a lady feel special and valued. So if it’s within your budget, go for it and watch the glow in her eyes when she opens up her gift!

#13. Be timeless in gold and gold-tones

Shop gold-toned watches



#14. Smartwatches are genius

Shop smartwatch edit




Helping a stylista accentuate or add some structure to her outfit is a high-fashion gesture. Doing this in strapping and refined ways, waist and multi-accessory belts are some of the hot items on wish lists this season. 

#15. The trusted ally


Shop belts 


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