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Mental Mondays: These Simple Self Care Gifts Will Put A Smile On Your Loved One’s Face

Mental Mondays: These Simple Self Care Gifts Will Put A Smile On Your Loved One’s Face


A gift no matter how small is so personal because like we all know, it’s all in thoughtfulness. Let’s face it, when we’re surprised by a loved one with a self-care gift, it instantly brings our mental health into focus by simply reminding us to prioritize our self-care which is integral for optimal mental health.

From the littlest things to some heavy splurging, gifts show your loved ones that you care and the world needs more of this type of pure gestures––especially during this tough season. This is a S T Y L E R A V E Content.

Trying to think up self-care gift ideas could be tricky. I don’t know if it’s the pressure to get it right or not being sure if the person in question would find your gift useful, but for some weird reason, it’s easy to get tensed. The key is to find the right balance between what this individual likes and if it’s something that would be beneficial to their mental health whether directly or indirectly.

Here are 5 simple but effective self-care gift ideas to consider…

#1. Customized flower vase

Photo: Daria Shevstova | Pexels

This gift serves as feel-good home decor with mood booster succulent plants––topped off with inspiring words on marble—literally. Perfect for someone who loves plants or the outdoors, this gift is one that keeps on giving as it never expires or goes out of style.

#2. A skincare kit self-care gifts

Photo: Valeriia Miller | Pexels

If they’re pretty stoked about great skin then this is your magic. There are so many self-care gift ideas to choose from in the beauty department. From exfoliating masks to a skincare fridge, the options are truly endless.

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#3. Self-care subscription box

Photo: BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific | Unsplash

This is one of my favorite self-care gift ideas of all time. Nothing trumps being unaware of the content of your monthly package. Every time there’s a delivery, it’s always something different and exciting. If the person loves surprises, why not box it up monthly for that special one?

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#4. Bath bombs

Photo: Pharma Hemp Complex | Unsplash

It’s true that self-care more or less seems like a trend but this is a very welcomed one and has been a long time coming. But this isn’t about being trendy but actually focusing on caring for your body and mind. Bath bombs are self-care gift ideas you’ll never regret as they take bathing to a whole new level. We all need that alone time and what better way than a relaxing scented bath?

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#5. Volunteer

Photo: Anna Shvets | Pexels

Time is the greatest resource. Offer to help them with something they really need help with and watch that smile shine through like a diamond. If the individual in question is a stay-at-home mom, offer to help with chores or send a beautician right to her door. Let her get her hair and nails done while you watch the kids. Trust me, this gift will not be forgotten ever.

An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly”.—Unknown.

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