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17 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas Any Woman Would Love

17 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas Any Woman Would Love


ou will agree with me that it’s not every woman you can give just roses and a card for Valentine’s Day and get away with it. With V-Day a mere few days away, it’s time to figure out what thoughtful gift you’re going to get that special woman in your life, and we’re here to help you make great choices. I mean really fab gifts and not tacky ones that will piss your girl off and leave her wondering how she ended up with you. Just kidding!

These are beautiful, timeless, and functional pieces any girl would love to get and keep. You sure want to get a gift that shows and tells her that you actually put some thought into it and you had her in mind the whole time. From wife to girlfriend, sister to mother, you’ll certainly find Valentine’s day gift ideas for all the special women in your life.

Check out 17 last-minute Valentine’s day gift ideas for her…

#1. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

You know you got a keeper with this one, which is why you need to keep the flames of your relationship burning. What better way to do this than with more and more dates that go beyond Valentine’s day? A great route to explore without running out of options is this scratch-off poster that reveals a creative date night activity. This spans a wide variety, including taking a bubble bath together and going axe throwing. The element of surprise with this is also enough to keep the excitement high.

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#2. A Dozen Reasons I Love You

We know that words can sometimes fail when trying to express your love. If you need a little help with this, try this gift that boasts a ton of different sayings to help you express your love. Plus, it comes with a cute, personalized container to keep all the little hearts.

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#3. Artificial Roses in Glass Dome

Roses are a staple in Valentine’s day gifts but the gift runs the risk of not being creative enough. Shoot past that with this artificial rose in a glass dome that offers the romantic flair of real rose flowers but with a dash of creativity. No doubt, you’ll be writing your own memorable fairytale with this. 

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#4. 50 Sparks of Love  

Set her heart on fire with this clever gift that gives an opportunity to deepen your connection with exciting activities. On the back of each paper “match,” she’ll find a fun-filled activity, a daring challenge to test your relationship, or a piece of wisdom for the two of you to keep in mind.

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#5. Perfumes

Photo: Jess Bailey Designs/Pexels

Cliche or not, this season is the perfect time for a bottle of that designer fragrance, especially if your relationship is not more than six months old. The key here is to go for exclusive or limited-edition perfumes. That is to say, the options you’re sure your girl is yet to use.


#6. Jewelry

Diamonds, as they say, are a woman’s best friend but if you can’t afford a diamond piece, any precious gemstone will do. After all, most women won’t say no to a good piece of jewelry. Giving a jewelry gift for Valentine’s day is the same as saying: “you are precious, you are important, you are worthy.”


#7. Lingerie


Valentine’s day lingerie doesn’t have to (and most probably shouldn’t) be red and silky. However, you might want to go through at least three of her current underwear to find her perfect size. Sizes differ for different brands and the average of her current underwear sizes will give you her true fit.


#8. Beauty products

By now, you should know what beauty products your girl uses, so going all out to give her all the products in that line is a sure good way to impress her and spice up your day. You can also get the latest palette of that brand that she loves very much, a product chosen from one of the limited editions for Valentine’s Day, a lipstick that you think will fit her perfectly, etc. The options truly are endless.


#9. Chic shoes


What more can I possibly say here? You want to add to her shoe collection with shoes that would make her go weak-kneed. We all know that a woman with good shoes can conquer the world, so why not give your lady this chance?


#10. Gadgets

It is funny how men think that they’re the only ones with an undying love for the latest gadget in town. Well, some women love their gadgets as well. Why not find what your girl loves and then get it for her?


#11. Photography tools and accessories

Your lady probably loves to take pictures, whether that’s pictures of herself, food, of you, or just anything that catches her fancy. As a result of this, a thoughtful gift consisting of photography tools and accessories (especially a fancy lightweight camera) is a surefire way to show that you appreciate her photography ‘madness‘ skills.


#12. A ring


As cliche as this sounds, you just might want to go down on one knee or both knees and pop the question. If you feel the time is right and you are ready to take it to the next level, now is the time to do so. Do your research so you get a ring that actually fits and one she also loves!


#13. A smartwatch

This is a great Valentine’s day gift idea for the technology and health-conscious partner. Gift her a health-tracking smartwatch that monitors heart rate all day, tracks daily steps and provides information on calories burned and distance traveled. She’ll surely appreciate it.


#14. A dinner dress

If you’d be treating her to dinner, then why not surprise her with the perfect dinner dress? In as much as this seems like a regular gift, I have not seen any woman say no to a great dress. It’s important to know her fit and also the kind of dress she’s into. For example, a slip dress is perfect for a chic girl.


#15. Casual sneakers


Whether she is a gym lover, a fitness fiend, or a woman who just loves athleisure, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sneakers. You can take a peek into her phone to see all her saved sneakers images and surprise her with one, two, or more pairs. Who’s counting?!


#16. A handbag


If your girl is one who is always on the go, then she would appreciate a bag where she can show off and toss in a lot of things. Be sure to get her something feminine, flirty, and fun. From a clutch to a belt bag and even a tote, there is always the right bag for the right girl. 


#17. Treat her to a nice dinner

Photo: SJ ./Unsplash

Whether you are cooking at home or taking her out to dine at her fave restaurant, food has got to be a big part of your day. What better way to say “I love you honey” than to feed her with the kind of food she loves the most? I am waiting for your answer. Because in my books, there is none.

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