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How To Spend The Perfect Sunday Morning At Home

How To Spend The Perfect Sunday Morning At Home


Oh, Sunday mornings. Whether it’s raining or sunny, there’s always a good excuse to stay home on Sunday mornings. If after so much time at home you’ve established a routine, it is time to switch it up a bit! Doing something special on Sunday mornings is a great way to enjoy the rest of your weekend and set yourself up for a great week ahead.

Here are a few things to do to spend the perfect Sunday morning at home…

#1. Make a big brunch for yourself or invite friends over (mimosas and pancakes included)

Photo: Ash/Pexels

What’s better than Sunday brunch? Nothing! Wake up, pop open the bottle of champagne, and get the pancakes on the griddle going. Make it an event and invite your closest friends over for a tipsy brunch full of gossip and quality girl time!

#2. Have a spa morning

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It is pretty incredible to set up a spa in your home and give yourself some extra TLC. Set up your space so it’s calming and peaceful to be in. Then pick some of your favorite treatments that will help you feel your best for the week ahead. A great moisturizing mask like the Blue Lagoon hydrating mask, a hair mask, a mani/pedi, and an exfoliating routine can help your skin glow and hair feel incredible for and throughout the week ahead.

#3. Participate in some online yoga or Pilates to wake up your mind, body, and soul

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Online yoga or Pilates is a way you can wake up your mind, body, and soul from the comfort of your home. A gentle practice can be just the movement you need for a relaxing Sunday.

#4. Do some work on your side project

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Whether it be something as simple as re-doing a space in your home or something to better yourself professionally, setting aside some time to work on a side hustle you have going is well worth it. Even dedicating one hour of your Sundays to these side projects can really add up, and you may be surprised what you can accomplish if you set this to be a part of your Sunday routine.

#5. Take care of your closet

Photo: Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels

Having your closet and room ready for the start of your week is always worth it! Take some time to clean it out, plan your outfits for the week and catch up on laundry. Having your outfits pre-planned can be really helpful, especially if you work in an office, as it helps to reduce decision fatigue. If you’re anything like me, choosing what you’re wearing for the day can be a 5-second process or take a LOT longer than that. So having this step already done for your mornings is a win. Not to mention, if you are consistent with your laundry and cleaning out/donating items, you don’t have to deal with the slow build of overwhelmedness for it all!

Sundays are made for being slow, catching up on some much-needed rest and tasks that have been piling up over the past few days. While many people talk about the Sunday Scaries, if you reframe this as a positive day to care for yourself and do things that you love and make you feel your best, it can make Sundays and your week way more enjoyable.

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