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Travel Caribbean: 6 Fantastic Destinations In The Dominican Republic You Should See

Travel Caribbean: 6 Fantastic Destinations In The Dominican Republic You Should See


Packed with luxury resorts, exquisite beaches, turquoise waters, lush green forests, and breathtakingly beautiful mountains, the Dominican Republic is a top tourist destination for vacationists. It is said that Santo Domingo, which is now the capital city of the country, was where Christopher Columbus first landed in the Americas. It is obvious that just as Columbus couldn’t resist the utter beauty of this Caribbean jewel, you too will be swept over by the pleasant sights that abound in this island country.

Steeped in history, festooned by nature, and bedecked with gorgeous architecture and resort destinations, you will fall in love with this beautiful Caribbean country. In one place, you might find locals surrounded by the lofty beauties of nature; in another place, you will find scenic vestiges of the Dominican Republic’s colonial past; and yet in another, you’ll find fantastic resorts that will etch fun memories in your heart. If you’re planning a visit, then you may be wondering about the things to do in the Dominican Republic. Well, that’s what we’ve curated for you.

Check out things to do in the Dominican Republic for that fun vacation or visit…

#1. Have fun in Puerto Plata


Puerto Plata, a top tourist destination in the Dominican Republic, is located along the north coast of the country. Its characteristic golden sand beach is a special delight, but the beauty is nothing in comparison with the luxury resorts that line the beach. Add to that the blue waters, the exquisite boats, and the sights of people water-sporting, swimming, or snorkeling, and you see why this place is a must-visit.

Besides beach attractions, you should make out time to explore the gorgeous streets of Puerto Plata. I bet, you will fall for the brilliant colors. Here, you will see colors like never before in the streets. Are you a lover of pink? Head off to Pink Street. Just as the name sounds, it is a street in pink: pink buildings, pink pathways, and pink plant boxes (except that the plants are green).

Photo: @lisette_parent/Instagram

Do well to visit Umbrella Street too (also known as San Felipe Street). True to its name, you’ll see colorful umbrellas hanging overhead the street – a spectacular place you can’t avoid photographing. You’ll find this pedestrian-only street soothing to your senses. Look around, and you’ll find ice cream sellers, and shops for souvenirs. To get a bird’s eye view of Puerto Plata, enjoy a ride up the cable car. Enjoy the coolness of the air as you ascend, and the stunning landscape and skyline, including the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

#2. Touch down in Punta Cana

Photo: miriamlk/Instagram

Punta Cana boasts of a long stretch of beach and turquoise sea, a tourist’s paradise. No wonder it’s one of the top things to do in the Dominican Republic. Lovers of water-based activities will find this destination worth their while. Common sights and sports on Punta Cana beaches include people parasailing, snorkeling, and swimming. You can join a group of sightseers on tour boats.

#3. See whales at Samaná Bay

Photo: @puertobahia/Instagram

Samaná Bay holds a special delight for whale lovers and persons who fancy watching these huge mammals of the ocean dive in and out. Humpback whales come to Samaná Bay from December to March each year to mate and reproduce. This seasonal whale activity offers people on this bay to sight these large mammals.

There are popular whale-watching trips from the city of Samaná. Each dive of these giant sea creatures will be worth your while and money. Get your brilliant cameras ready for those exquisite shots to cherish many years after.

#4. Kiteboard at Cabarete

Photo: @theadreanlinetraveler/Instagram

Cabarete is popular around the world for kiteboarding activities, with Kite Beach as the epicenter. But whether or not you are a kiteboarding enthusiast, you will enjoy Kite Beach’s soothing morning air and its windy afternoon vibrancy, when kiteboarding and surfing activities are in full swing. You will definitely be charmed by these sights.

#5. See the sights in Las Terrenas

Photo: @mitja_baran/Instagram

If you are looking for a close-up experience of Dominican culture, head north to the coastal city of Las Terrenas. Here, you’ll find palms, French cafés, restaurants, blue waters, and locals on motorbikes scooting along dirt roads. You’ll find lots of French people, who have made this serene and lovely city their home. This place offers a combination of beautiful beachfront and an opportunity to meet local Dominicans living their humble lives.

#6. Experience nature at Three Eyes National Park

Photo: @szabi.alexandra/Instagram

Not far from Santo Domingo is the Three Eyes National Park, so named because of three crystal-clear pools located inside a limestone cave below the surface of the ground. This park has been a perfect location for a number of jungle adventure movies. So get ready to visit it and enjoy firsthand the full magic and awe that has taken the caves and pools to the screen. You’ll find staircases that will lead you down below the earth’s surface into the wonder and unforgettable adventure of this stunning Dominican park.

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