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These 90s Style Trends Show No Signs Of Falling Short In 2023

These 90s Style Trends Show No Signs Of Falling Short In 2023



ne fact about fashion today is that what was old has become new again. Nostalgia has found its way back to today’s fashion trends and in its wake, fashionistas and top designers are always keen on bringing our favorite 90s style trends back to the spotlight. Might we add, they are doing a fine job at it. One sure thing is the undoubted creativity employed in such fashion to make the old trends 21st-century-worthy while maintaining the eclectic vibes of the 90s.

So as this “bring back the 90s” trend keeps waxing strong, be ready to welcome more of your favorite 90s fashion with a little touch of modern finesse. The trick is to merge the two worlds perfectly. Leather blazers, low-rise jeans, and those varsity jackets are still strong even in our modish times.

If you wish to rock those 90s style trends in full gear in 2022 or 2023, these are the best pieces to try…

#1. Low-rise jeans

These jeans have been an IT girl classic since the 90s, and their comeback isn’t the least surprising. Celebrities like Julia Fox, Tayana Taylor, and Lori Harvey rock this trend like a solid A. There is still much beauty to behold in this timeless fashion trend, so why give it up in the coming year? Low-rise jeans, a crop top, and a pair of fancy sneakers can do no wrong.

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#2. Chokers

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If you didn’t have the opportunity to explore your inner punk during the 90s era, or you are a Gen-Z digging these 90s style trends, the chunky leather and chain choker should be on your must-rock list. If you are more on the softer side, a choker on a slip dress still does it. Thanks to high-end designers like Christian Siriano who brought this trend to life on his runways, style enthusiasts have long made this a hot streetwear pick.

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#3. Slides

In the late 90s, it was nearly impossible not to own a pair of slides. They were for the cool kids and were optimum for any stylish person’s casual style collection. Although they faced a decline, the 2010s ushered these 90s style trends back into the spotlight again. Yeezy played a major role in reinstating this comfortable wardrobe classic.

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#4. Overalls

Its androgynous state makes it a favorite on all fronts. Remember how the fashionable ones rocked these beauties? Unhook one overall strap and wear it loose. There are several other ways to rock overalls—over a button-down, rugby, a simple white tee, or pretty much anything that doesn’t involve you being shirtless underneath.

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#5. Striped tops

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Horizontal-colored striped shirts were a popular street-style look in the 90s, and are still a fun way to add some color to your wardrobe. These 90s style trends are classic and one of the easiest patterns to wear. Vertical stripes appear to elongate your figure by drawing the eye up and down, while horizontal stripes supposedly do the opposite, making that unruly paunch look even larger than it is.

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#6. Oversized shirts

The timeless oversized shirts are still making their mark in 2022 and wouldn’t stop in 202. Style an oversized T-shirt with some form-fitting shorts and heels, and turn on your confident girl slay.

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#7. Suits

We all know how suits rocked back in the 90s. These beauties have been and will always be a trend. Gone are the days when pantsuits were termed “old school.” Today, fashion designers have made suits a highly-coveted wardrobe piece for every stylish woman. The polished silhouettes and varying plush fabrics make it suitable for all occasions.

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#8. Boubou

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Boubou dresses are one of Africa’s oldest design trends, they retain contemporary patterns and designs. A boubou is a long, loose-fitting, brightly colored gown worn by women. The Boubou dress has the distinct advantage of successfully combining modern and traditional fashion trends.

These garments are one of Africa’s 90s style trends, which the rest of the world is adapting to. It’s also called “the rich auntie” style.

#9. Varsity jackets

We are back to loving the oversize trends. Bomber jackets, tracksuits, and billowy fits are the order of the day—just like in the 90s. The varsity jackets are all the rave in the athleisure world now. What a time to be alive!

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#10. Slip dresses

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Slip dresses have always been a sexy fit that speaks to the minimal girl. They’re easy to slip into and remain timeless. Although a 90s trend, it’s still relevant in our time. It can be worn alone or as a utilitarian layering piece. Plus, they exude effortless femininity.

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#11. Corset tops

The waists snatched is the only way to rock this trend. From the Victorian era to the 90s, and even in our time, corsets stay faithful to the woman’s delicate frame. These corsets aren’t just stand-alone pieces, some can be incorporated into dresses, jackets, or any clothing you deem fit.

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#12. Skating shoes

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This 90s trend is the truth. Apart from looking cool in these shoes, they help us run errands faster. A rollerblade this on-point with a chic athleisure outfit would make you one of the cool kids.

#13. Embellishments

Think sequins, feathers, and bling, there were no 90s style trends without these enhancements. Back then, it was a party-themed fashion style, but recently, these embellishments have been incorporated into everyday wear.

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#14. Mom jeans

After we’ve gone full cycle with pencil jeans, mom jeans are back at it. From t-shirts to off-the-shoulder tops, mom jeans are not reserved for just moms anymore.

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#15. Animal prints

What’s a 90s-style trend without animal prints? Think snake or leopard prints dress for any event. These prints went to sleep for a while, but there’s no certified style star who doesn’t own them today.

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