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The Top Wedding Trends To Look Out For In 2022

The Top Wedding Trends To Look Out For In 2022



hen Anabel was a little girl, she always fantasized about her dream wedding. Often, little Annie would sneak into her mother’s room to try on the wedding veil in front of a mirror, while humming to “Here comes the bride…” Finally, Andy, her boyfriend of 4 years proposed and she couldn’t wait to make her dream wedding a reality. Sadly, the pandemic showed up. She is determined to wait this pandemic out, no matter how long it takes, because nothing would ruin her wedding.

It’s 2022, and with lots of individuals fully vaxxed, it’s finally starting to look like big-sized weddings are a thing again. This wave also makes entry for new and exciting wedding trends in 2022. However, if none of these trends catch your fancy, the good news is: blazing a new trail when it comes to weddings can only be met with enthusiasm and open arms.

Here are a few wedding trends in 2022 you should consider for your big day…

#1. Vintage-inspired rings

Photo: Kumar Saurabh / Pexels

The connection between weddings and tradition remains strong, maybe because the former seems to be the root of the other. This phenomenon might explain why handmade and vintage rings have been a top pick and still waxes strong on the list of 2022 brides.

#2. Non-traditional wedding dress

Photo: cottonbro / Pexels

Why wear a voluminous white dress when you can wear something utterly unexpected? Beyond making a fashion statement, an unconventional wedding dress may be the edgy detail your big day needs to be unforgettable. This must have been the realization of many brides in the past 12 months because unconventional wedding dresses have been stealing the show. And with the convenience they offer, there’s no argument they have the front seat in the wedding scenes this year.

#3. Creative reception tables

Photo: Tara Winstead / Pexels

Social distancing tried, but love conquers all. Don’t get me wrong, social distancing isn’t the enemy, but it’s different when shaking hands at a happy event feels wrong. During the pandemic, a few physical weddings occurred, and wedding planners got creative with the table layouts—ones that respected social distancing. These layouts range from double-width tables to asymmetric ones. These are unforeseen, but welcome wedding trends in 2022. We are eager to see more innovative ideas birthed.

#4. Eye-catching hues

Photo: Asad Photo Maldives / Pexels

After playing things safe for the most part of the year, express excitement to be outside in bold colors. Muted tones can wait, while vivid decorations make a statement this wedding season. Think brighter shades of green and red, shimmery options like sequins, jewel tones, and retro themes. It’s your day girl, go all out and enjoy.

#5. Eco-friendly weddings

Photo: Alena Koval / Pexels

Individuals are becoming aware of the effect of disposable plastics and materials on the planet, and are opting for more environment-friendly materials. This is a welcome wedding trend. A win-win situation where you marry the love of your life while saving the planet. A woke generation indeed.

#6. Bridgerton-inspired weddings

Photo: cottonbro / Pexels

If you didn’t binge on the Netflix British drama Bridgerton, just wow. The point is; that show had every lady wanting to slide into medieval ballroom dresses with puffy sleeves and uppity demeanors. The big day is, therefore, an apt day to recreate this dreamy Regency-era setup, and I best believe it’s a reincarnation of the tea and biscuit and floral themes. Expect to see more Bridgerton-themed wedding trends in 2022.

#7. Eloping is still an option

Photo: İbrahim Hakkı Uçman / Pexels

It’s funny how eloping is one of the wedding trends in 2022, when the idea has been around forever, right? It seems more welcoming these days. The past years showed us to value those who matter, and in recent times, no one is about to rent a full hall to feed strangers. That’s why a micro wedding happens, and the couple move into the honeymoon phase. They travel and spend quality time together, I think that’s the essence of holy matrimony.

#8. Virtual weddings

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

The truth remains that the pandemic showed us that there are other ways to organize events without physically being present, and that’s not going to change. There would still be a fair share of couples set to use this option. While we missed physical gatherings, virtual weddings have given indisposed loved ones the opportunity to defy distance and show up for their people, albeit virtually. This is one of the wedding trends in 2022 that we won’t grow weary of.

#9. Weekday weddings

Photo: Lucxama Sylvain / Pexels

Whose idea was it for weddings to be streamlined to the weekend? Okay, I guess folks were busy and had only the weekend carved out for any extracurricular activity. Nevertheless, it seems like Cupid had an assignment for 2022—get them all married. Save a huge chunk of venue fees, and step out of the weekend rush by booking your slot on a weekday.

#10. Cash gifts, please!

Photo: Karolina Grabowska / Pexels

I remember looking at a massive food flask I was gifted on my wedding day and wondering, “…maybe the cash equivalent would have been more beneficial,” because 3 years later I am still at a loss of how to utilize this gift. These days, some couples ask for cash gifts to offset bills or even deposit for a house, while others ask their guests to donate cash towards charity. What a time to be alive, because my parents would be rolling their eyes at this for sure.

Features Image: Jakob Owens | Unsplash

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