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Wedding Special: How To Create An Exclusive Wedding Guest List

Wedding Special: How To Create An Exclusive Wedding Guest List


It’s okay if you don’t want to invite everyone for your wedding. That doesn’t make you a bad person. Heck, even celebrities create an exclusive wedding guest list, so why shouldn’t you? First, as a bride, you need to know that you are 90% in charge of your wedding which means you have to decide who attends your wedding and whether your guests get a +1 or not. This not only ensures that those who come are those you want to see, but it also helps adequate planning of the event.

Imagine having a wedding where you planned for 80 guests, but surprisingly, 120 show up. That’s certainly a disaster! Not only would there be a shortage of food, drinks, and the like, you may even run out of sitting space. Oh, the horror. This is the reason why creating a wedding guest list will save you headaches on your big day.

So, even when your parents or parents-in-law are stressing you about those to invite, you need to realize that your ever-growing list needs to be narrowed down to people who truly love and care about you and your groom. That, my dear, is peace.

Check out 5 steps to creating your exclusive wedding guest list…

#1. Begin with the closest

Photo: Dominika Roseclay | Pexels

Create a list that includes you and your partner’s family members and close friends, then expand it to include your parents’ list. As the main list starts to exceed your budget number, you need to set up a conference call or physical meeting with all parties involved to figure out who doesn’t really need to be at the wedding. #bediplomaticwiththeinlaws

#2. Cut the chains

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Avoid chain invites as much as possible. If you are a member of a group and can’t invite one person only, well darling, you have to stick to not inviting anyone from that group at all. This also goes for people at work. If you can’t invite them all, then don’t invite anyone except that relationship goes beyond work.

#3. Group invitees

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Dividing your list into groups based on the nature of the guests’ relationship with you and your spouse will help you easily figure out which group can stay or go if the list gets endless. Remember, that dividing into groups means eliminating the entire group, if necessary.

#4. Confirm with those away

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Are there some guests who live miles away? Confirm with them their likelihood to travel to your location. If you check in with them, they’ll feel truly special at the honor. However, if they’re unable to travel, you can eliminate them from the list without feeling guilty. It’s a win-win situation.

#5. Be careful with plus one

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Now, we know your wedding will be the talk of the town and everyone wants a seat at the table, so you need to get strategic with the issue of +1. While your main guest likely has someone he/she wants to show up with, you need to consider several factors. For example, can your budget accommodate them, and are they even people you like? If the answer to these questions is yes, then, go ahead and create an invite that welcomes two. After all, a big wedding might just be your thing.

Although these tips may seem stringent and somewhat tough, you must remember that controlling the guest list will save you a lot of stress as well as money. It’s not going to be easy since you do not want to offend anyone, but it’s also not possible to please everyone. However, you can please yourself and your pocket by staying on budget. Remember, real life begins after the wedding.

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