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The First Nigerian Wedding to be Featured on Vogue | Lisa-Leigh and Tomiwa Aladekomo

The First Nigerian Wedding to be Featured on Vogue | Lisa-Leigh and Tomiwa Aladekomo

According to Google, as at 2015, the most searched internet product in Nigeria is “Wedding”, that’s how obsessed Nigerians are about weddings. So it’s no surprise that in this current era of all things African being exported to the world, has just featured its first Nigerian wedding ever.

In the feature written by Marjon Carlos, newlywed Lisa-Leigh Aladekomo talks about the over-the-top world of Naija Weddings. She tells Carlos that “her 2,000-guest traditional ceremony last year to husband Tomiwa Aladekomo was hardly the OTT affair that has come to define the bustling Nigerian wedding circuit.”

Here are more excerpts of Tomiwa’s view on Nigerian weddings:

“People do much, much bigger weddings in Nigeria,”
—Five thousand guests, she explains, some with corporate sponsors, circus performers, goodie bags that include iPads—that is the making of an extravagant wedding in Naija terms. Not something as “small” as her own two ceremonies (a white wedding followed the next day), up to six outfit changes, and two event planners.

“The Nigerian wedding market is crazy! I think the Internet is helping fuel it…
—People want to see the ceremony straight away, so the things you can do are getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is trying to be different. For me, I wanted people to have fun. I wanted there to be enough food, enough space for my friends to dance, and something to make the parents feel happy and proud. It tends to take over you and you can get upset—but I had two goals and I accomplished them, and I was happy.”

On her smaller-sized white wedding:
— she invited only 150 of her closest friends and family. It took some convincing of her groom’s family to hold the church service at the unconventional spot, so the couple provided “heel stoppers” for all their well-shod guests to ensure their stilettos wouldn’t sink into the grass.

On her wedding dress:
— the bride found her dress for the white wedding in just one day while visiting London’s Pronovias: a white lace sweetheart-neck bodice dress that was a far cry from the green gown she initially had in mind. “It was the exact dress I had told them not to let me wear! But I wore it and I didn’t want to take it off!” she explains. Despite all these personal touches, after one glance at her massive wedding photo album, one realizes that there was no keeping the occasion from becoming a lavish blowout.

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Vendor & Style Team
Traditional Attire (Lace): Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
White Wedding Dress: Pronovais London
Cape for Wedding Dress: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
White Reception Dress: Clan
Trad Venue: Dorchester Events Centre
White Venue: Lagos’s Federal Palace Hotel
Photography by Wani Olatunde

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