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A Simple Guide To Boosting Your Mental Health For Your Wedding

A Simple Guide To Boosting Your Mental Health For Your Wedding



our wedding is a major milestone in life, so it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by how much is riding on the success of the event. There’s a lot to deal with, which can naturally lead to feelings of stress and anxiety that ultimately dampen the experience. Paying attention to your mental health when planning your wedding is important, but it can sometimes seem out of reach due to the mounting stressors.

If you’re dealing with a lot of wedding stress, you aren’t alone. According to a study by Zola, almost half of all couples have felt “very” or “extremely” stressed during wedding planning since the pandemic. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a fate you’re stuck with. It’s important to make sure you take care of your mental well-being so that you can fully embrace this celebration of your love and actually enjoy the big day. You’ll be glad you took the time for self-care later on when you look back on how it made you glow brighter than ever at your wedding.

Recognizing stress and how it affects you

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Although it’s natural to feel some stress when it comes to planning something as big as your wedding, this doesn’t mean that you should just wallow in negativity and allow yourself to be consumed by such feelings. If you don’t tackle your stress, you may end up having a harder time actually getting things done. Even worse, it could lead to a host of physical symptoms that could dampen your look on the big day.

A big part of being a beautiful bride is feeling good within. What that in mind, make sure you can identify your biggest triggers and learn how to take a step back and recognize when things are getting to be a bit much. A guide to managing wedding stress by Very Well Mind notes that some of the most common aspects of wedding planning that cause stress are creating the guest list, finding a venue, sending out invites, coordinating with vendors, getting fit, and managing your budget. Prepare yourself for these factors ahead of time and expect that not everything may go as smoothly as you want every step of the way.

Symptoms that might be telling you the wedding stress is getting to you include forgetfulness, irritability, depression, panic attacks, difficulty sleeping, exhaustion, appetite changes, and muscle tension. If you’re feeling these things, it’s time to kick into self-care mode.

Pre-wedding self-care

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If you’re going to be that effervescent blushing bride, it’s best to take all the time you have leading up to the wedding to take care of yourself, including mental health. Instead of looking at it from the perspective of “I have to look perfect for everybody,” consider taking an approach that is about making yourself feel amazing. When you take care of your mind and body, you will naturally look better.

A feature on mental well-being leading up to a wedding by 77 Diamonds offers simple yet comprehensive approaches to taking care of yourself in preparation for the big day. The regimen you want to achieve should consist of a good amount of sleep, exercise that you actually enjoy, outlets for creativity and relaxation, ample time in nature, and creating a ‘done’ list that reminds you of everything you’ve already accomplished.

The ‘done’ list is a good way to combat the stress of seeing all that’s left on the to-do list as you get to celebrate the progress you have made. During this time, you’ll also want to make sure you stay connected with others. Ensure you don’t isolate yourself, especially if you need someone to talk to about your worries and excitement. Friends, family, and your partner can make the chaos of wedding planning even a little easier to navigate.

Mental wellness for the big day


So, you’re finally facing the actual wedding day. Don’t let jitters and nerves get the best of you. If you’re still dealing with stress-induced breakouts and the like, you can start off with a relaxing and illuminating skincare regimen before you get glammed up. Some of Vivian Bens-Patrick’s grade-a tips for getting rid of acne scars include exfoliation, light therapy, and using trusted over-the-counter products that work with your skin type. This can be anything from silicone sheets to vitamin C serums and AHAs. Of course, you should still make sure a dermatologist lets you know which one will help you best for the big day.

To make sure you can actually be present in the moment and feel beautiful on your wedding day, remember to embrace every step, take time to breathe and take it all in, and remind yourself of all the love and joy surrounding you. Here’s wishing you sound mental health on your wedding day. Congratulations! 

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