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10 TV Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch This Summer

10 TV Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch This Summer



ummer is a season that beckons us to shed our worries and immerse ourselves in a world of leisure and entertainment. And what better way to indulge in entertainment than through the mesmerizing realm of television? Choosing where to start curating your summer TV show list may seem overwhelming, but not when I have handpicked a selection of absolute must-sees to keep you hooked from start to finish. The creators behind these gems have poured their hearts and souls into crafting stories that transport us to unimaginable places, challenge our perceptions, and tug at our heartstrings.

Each show is a testament to the boundless creativity and unwavering dedication of a generation of storytellers who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary. Brace yourself for an unforgettable binge-watching adventure across various genres, where groundbreaking new series make their debut alongside beloved favorites that are back, better than ever. Whether you choose to binge-watch on a cozy couch or enjoy a late-night marathon under a starlit sky, these TV shows will become your loyal companions this summer, offering an escape from the mundane and a gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Here are the top summer TV shows to watch this season…

#1. The Good Doctor

If you’ve not already gotten hooked on this series, here’s your chance. This medical drama follows the life of an autistic surgeon named Shaun Murphy. The drama is centered around how he leverages his high intelligence to make certain medical discoveries and treatments. The show also centers on his relationships — from learning to associate with others to his love life. This drama has many lessons to teach, including why we mustn’t allow a not-so-pleasant condition to stop us from being great.

#2. Queen Charlotte

This is a historical drama, a spinoff of the Bridgerton series. The drama focuses on young Queen Charlotte, how she got married to the King, their love life, and how things turned out the way they did. Young Lady Danbury’s life and that of Young Violet (Madam Bridgerton) are also portrayed. This drama will leave you pumped and excited to go back to the beginning of the Bridgerton series and binge-watch it all over again. A real fact about this movie: it was based on a real-life figure, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

#3. Never Have I Ever

This drama revolves around an Indian-American girl in high school and her journey through her most trying years. We all can relate with her on certain events that transpired in her life, especially when it comes to making friends, handling peer pressure, being in love, and communicating with your mother particularly if she’s a traditional woman inclined to her roots and culture. This is one of the summer TV shows that will have you traveling down memory lane more times than you can count.

#4. Abbott Elementary

Abbot Elementary is a comedic sitcom that centers around a group of teachers and the principal, each with their own peculiarities. This drama also focuses on how these teachers fare and cater to the needs of the children in an underfunded school. This drama is filled with heartwarming moments and genuine laughter. It is a recommended piece for families and teachers that love their job.

#5. Workin’ Moms

As a married career woman with kids, there are moments when you’ll feel like giving up totally but you can’t because you have so many people to care for. Workin’ Moms is a sitcom that features four friends who are working ladies and the everyday challenges that come with it. From an outsider’s point of view, it lets us in on how difficult it could get for women who work and care for the family. How can we help lessen these burdens?

#6. The Witcher

The Witcher is a heart-pumping fantasy show that zones in on a young man and his adventure/journey while hunting for monsters. It so wittingly marries fantasy with reality, magic with action, and will certainly be a fulfilling watch for lovers of each genre. What better way to spend the summer afternoon or night than catching up on the thrills from so much suspense? You’re sure to be transported to mystical realms with this summer TV show.

#7. The Night Agent

This is an action thriller series. Yup, the FBI type of movie that sees a main character takes on huge feats in order to protect someone or something special from being annihilated. This drama revolves around Agent Peter Sutherland and his efforts to avert a conspiracy while protecting a very valuable chip. The thrill of it all.

#8. Citadel

Secretly, you’ve also thought of improving your spying and detective skills, right? (This is me hoping I’m not alone). This drama series is designed to teach you how to do it the right way. The Citadel is a spy action thriller that will keep you hooked and on the edge until you’ve watched the last episode. Join the two agents in finding missing puzzles amidst betrayals.

#9. Beef

Beef is a combination of drama, comedy, and action. A small altercation starts on the road and leads to many discoveries about the two drivers involved, including how they struggle with each of their families. The storyline unravels to show how each made huge efforts to solve these issues and why the altercation started in the first place.

#10. New Amsterdam

This is another medical drama, but about Dr. Max Goodwin, who after becoming the director of one of the oldest hospitals, takes the path and initiative to make massive changes in his life. This allows him to better perform his duties to the patients. Will he succeed? With the incoming threat looming over, will he still be able to stick to his principles?

FYI: These summer TV shows will have you declining hangout requests with friends. If you have plans of staying in, then watch away.

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