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7 Summer Swimwear Trends For 2024 To Show Off Your Silhouette

7 Summer Swimwear Trends For 2024 To Show Off Your Silhouette

Summer 2024 swimwear trends Chloe bailey

Since it’s summer, talking about swimsuits is inevitable. This year, the craze is hotter than ever, offering something for everyone to show off their summer “bawdy” with attitude. We’re talking classics and bold statements all at once. The summer 2024 swimsuit trends cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences: sleek, sophisticated designs, vibrant pops of color, and a playful aura.

There’s nothing like the confidence that comes from wearing a swimsuit that makes you look and feel your best. This season, there are no one-size-fits-all designs. For instance, if the cut-outs are a bit much, throw on fancy outerwear for balance and comfort. And if understated elegance isn’t on your agenda, turn heads in an embellished option. Indeed, the only prerequisite of the swimwear trends of summer 2024 is to do you–unapologetically!

These summer 2024 swimwear trends are another motivation to be outside…

#1. Retro-inspired swimsuit

Photo: @boity/Instagram

Today’s retro-inspired high-cut one-pieces come in various colors and patterns, from bold neon hues and color-block designs to classic black and sophisticated neutrals. The appeal of these swimsuits lies in their ability to flatter a wide range of body types, accentuate curves, and create a sleek silhouette.

#2. Artsy swimsuits

Photo: @nxcstyle/Instagram

Artsy swimwear comes in different colors and finishes. Think mermaidcore aesthetics or vibrant, iridescent hues with creative accents. These swimwear are often combined with sleek, modern cuts to create a striking contrast that highlights the body’s natural curves. Moreover, popular designs include crochet bikinis, one-pieces, and even colorful swim dresses that offer a bit of extra coverage while still making a bold statement.

#3. Loud patterns/prints

Photo: @kiitana/Instagram

This season’s prints are all about making a statement. Tropical prints with lush foliage and vivid flowers evoke a sense of alluring destinations. Geometric shapes and abstract designs add a modern, artistic touch to swimwear. Also, animal prints, such as leopard or zebra, continue to be a favorite, offering a timeless yet daring look. The trend also includes mix-and-match patterns, where different prints are combined in a single piece for a unique, eclectic style.

Style tip:
Layer away! Use solid-colored cover-ups or sarongs to break up the patterns and add dimension to your outfit. A sheer, neutral cover-up can highlight the vibrant prints underneath.

#4. Embellished options

Photo: @mariama/Instagram

Embellishments can vary widely, including delicate floral patterns, chain details, bold ruffles, metallic studs, and sparkling sequins. These details are strategically placed to enhance the swimsuit’s design and flatter the body. Common styles include bikinis, one-pieces, and even swim dresses adorned with these eye-catching features. Embellishments are often hand-sewn, making each piece unique and special.

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#5. Crochet swimsuit

Photo: @mariama/Instagram

Boho designs make the summer 2024 swimwear trends in the form of intricate crochet details, macramé accents, and embroidery, giving each piece a handcrafted feel. Popular patterns include paisley, floral, and tribal prints, while the color palette tends to lean towards earthy tones like browns, greens, and muted reds, along with classic black and white. Fringe and tassels add movement and a playful touch to the swimsuits, enhancing their boho vibe.

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#6. Tube/spaghetti-strap swimwear

Summer swimwear trends 2024
Photo: @si_swimsuit/Instagram

This bikini 2024 trend includes a spectrum of bright and bold colors, as well as eye-catching minimal coordination. They vary from tropical prints, geometric designs, understated elegance, and abstract art. Fabrics are typically lightweight and breathable, like chiffon, cotton, and linen, making them perfect for hot summer days. In addition, the sleeveless bikini trend provides little coverage, so throw on a kimono if you’re taking a more conservative approach.

#7. Cut-out swimsuits

Photo: @madisinrian/Instagram

This summer 2024 swimwear trend comes in various styles, including one-pieces, monokinis, and bikinis. Also, the cut-outs can be placed in different areas, such as the sides, front, back, or even asymmetrically across the body. This trend often features geometric shapes, keyholes, and artistic slashes that highlight and flatter the body’s natural curves. The materials and patterns vary from solid colors to bold prints, ensuring there is a cut-out swimsuit for every taste and body type.

Featured image: @chloebailey/Instagram

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