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Style Files: A Look Into The Super Posh Style Of The “Queen Of Fabric” Temi Lady Of Kwamuhle

Style Files: A Look Into The Super Posh Style Of The “Queen Of Fabric” Temi Lady Of Kwamuhle

Having a good sense of style is one of the easiest things to detect because you can see it as clear as day. It’s easy to tell a stylish woman from a non-stylish woman, not necessarily because of the clothes worn but also based on carriage, choice of ensembles and choice of accessories. Based on this assumption, “Queen of fabric” Temi Adeoye also known as Temi Lady of Kwamuhle is one hell of a stylish woman!

The Lady of Kwamuhle might be a big fabric merchant whose major item for sale is lace-in varieties but this woman would be the first to admit that she doesn’t always wear ‘traditional’ fabric alone rather she does a mix of all types of textures. This makes Temi Lady, a woman to watch for since her style doesn’t just revolve around a certain scope, it branches and broadens leaving us inspired and ready to champion our way in style. Temi is a boss chic and when she’s not showing off her fabric she out there showing off how well she can put together a ‘cool’ look.

From her Instagram page it is obvious that the “queen of fabric” is very much interested in fashion, especially the higher end of it,  and we are really interested in the looks that she puts out because we find them to be quite unique.

Check out some of her effortlessly stylish ensembles…

Photo Credit: IG | Temiladyofkwamhule

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