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JACKIE AINA’s “I Dont See Colour” Makeup Tutorial Is A Must Watch!

JACKIE AINA’s “I Dont See Colour” Makeup Tutorial Is A Must Watch!


Popular beauty YouTuber Jackie Aina is famous for a lot of things, one of which is her honest product reviews. The beauty Vlogger who has been in existence, business-wise, for almost 10 years has always kept it real in the cosmetic industry. She is well known for using her platform to call out injustice meted out to people of colour in the beauty industry.

In her recently released video called “I Don’t See Colour” makeup tutorial, Jackie discloses her experiences in the beauty space as a black woman. She mentioned how bloggers claim that she only cares about her ‘people’ and she also talks about how makeup brands would launch different shades for light skin people and ignore the dark skin people with just 2 shades.

Jackie Aina found a genius way to clap back while also proving them wrong in this new video. In this tutorial, Jackie Aina did her makeup as usual but with exception of one change, it is in black and white. This way, no one could really see what her makeup would look like and she was also not paying attention to shades used or colour. When she was through with her 10 minutes look, the video went back to colour which unveils a vibrant look. I am talking about lavender lips, bright yellow under eye concealer with bold red brows: In her words “Silly As Hell.” She ended the video by suggesting an alternative way of thinking that would make the world a better place.

Watch The Video here…

What do you think about this tutorial? Do you think women of colour are being fairly treated in the beauty industry? Be sure to share your thoughts in the ‘Rave Box’ below.

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