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Solids, Prints Or Stripes? Marii Pazz Has Mastered The Art Of Slaying Through It All

Solids, Prints Or Stripes? Marii Pazz Has Mastered The Art Of Slaying Through It All

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Nigerian-born, Spain-based influencer, Marii Pazz, is a fashion student known on the streets of Instagram for her trendy and bold style posts, and (we bet!) her strong love for palazzos and bodycon outfits too.

A quick look through her IG handle, Mariipvzz” will convince you that the fashion student is aware of the number one style rule: dress according to your body type! One can label her style chic and sophisticated with a high dose of sexy as she manages to always add an air of allure to whatever she wears. It doesn’t matter whether she is donning solid coloured, striped or patterned outfits, Marii Pazz has certainly mastered her style and flourishes in the business of showing it off.

It’s also easy to see that she isn’t shy about trying bold colours and flaunting her melanin-rich skin in doses prescribed by her sultry ensembles. Her wardrobe is definitely one I would love to raid even though I doubt I’d be able to pull off the pieces as effortlessly as she does.

Let’s walk you through Marii Pazz’s style…

Solid and chic

mariipvzz  Marii PazzMarii Pazz

Printastic Elegance

Marii Pazz Marii Pazz Marii Pazz

When the stripes do the talking

Photo credit: IG | Mariipvzz

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