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7 Easy & Effective Beauty Tips For Sensitive Skin

7 Easy & Effective Beauty Tips For Sensitive Skin



ummer seems to be everyone’s favorite season, undeniably because of the warmth it brings. We get to sit sun-kissed by the beach in our favorite swimwear sipping a cocktail and appreciating the entire ambiance of it all. While this is the perfect scenario, if you have sensitive skin this might leave you second-guessing everything.

Let nothing rain on your parade, not even a dainty skin. Girl, it’s 2022 and right now, there are a thousand and one skincare products and beauty tips for sensitive skin types that would help boost your hot girl summer mood. In other words, you are well-armed to have a great summer experience regardless of your sensitive skin type.

These beauty tips for sensitive skin types are just right for the season…

#1. Use gentle detergent

Photo: Karolina Grabowska | Pexels

When considering your sensitive skin, you tend to think more often of the products you use on your skin than anything else. However, did you know that the products you use on your clothes actually play an important role, including your detergent and perfumes? Considering how easy it is for your skin to react to things, you should take your attention beyond what you apply to your skin to include everything else. In view of that, it’s a good idea to use gentle detergents when washing your clothes. 

#2. Test products before using

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As someone with sensitive skin, you cannot underestimate the necessity of testing products before committing them to your skin. Imagine using a new product on your entire skin at night only to wake up in the morning to find an unsightly reaction. In order to avoid this, test the new product on a tiny section of your body and watch to see how your skin handles it. Try it on “discreet” sections of your body like your inner elbow or behind the knee. 

#3. Sun time shouldn’t take forever

Photo: Rebeca Gonçalves / Pexels

Yes, you’re all packed on SPF and sunshades and have decided not to miss the beach side after two years of the pandemic. However, you should limit your time under the sun to avoid the risk of getting burnt. If summer beach is a must for you, then you should consider a sunset beach, that is visiting the beach anytime after 4 pm. This is because from 10 am – 2 pm, the sun should be avoided as prolonged exposure can cause skin cancer and other skin defects.

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#4. Don’t neglect moisturizing

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Anyone with sensitive skin would naturally become skeptical about layering products on their faces, but a moisturizer isn’t just any product. It is THE sensitive skin saver. Always have a moisturizer handy as it helps reduce wrinkles and gives the skin a clear and supple feel.

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#5. Cut down on sizzling hot bath water

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It doesn’t matter how good a sizzling hot shower feels, it’s not your best shot towards achieving hydrated and fresh skin. Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and for sensitive skin that needs all the oils and nourishment it can get, hot water isn’t your skin’s best friend. However, this is not to suggest that you avoid hot water altogether, it just means you should limit regular use. After all, this is summer.

#6. Develop a beauty regime that works

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Getting the right beauty routine that puts your sensitive skin type in perspective is important. Yes, this requires research, openness, and patience, but it’s worth it in the end. Consider products rich in collagen and vitamin C and always read the labels. Check for ingredients that didn’t sit well with your skin previously and scrap it. Finally, pay no mind to the sales rep trying to convince you that this one is different, it is not. Same ingredients, same outcome.

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#7. Allow your skin some time to breathe

Photo: Sora Shimazaki / Pexels

Anyone who has layers of makeup on her face and courageously leaves it on overnight should top the World’s Bravest Human list because, why? As much as possible, allow your skin some solo time.

On a final note, healthy skin is a result of daily steps in the right direction. Avoid harsh astringents, exfoliants, drink a lot of water, exercise often, and eat foods rich in fiber.

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