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7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Visit Ghana Soon

7 Solid Reasons Why You Should Visit Ghana Soon


With summer in full gear, it’s time to unwind and just have fun. If fun to you means vacation and if you didn’t plan one early enough, Ghana will save the day! The West African country is a fine blend of culture, people, entertainment, and several others to help give you a true one-of-a-kind vacation.

There are 14 regions in Ghana, and each provides one inspiring experience after another for the thrill-seeking tourist. For instance, the southern part of Ghana will greet you with attractions such as the famed Kakum National Park. On the other hand, in the Nothern region, you’ll discover special spots like the Mole National Park. Combine that with sunny beaches, lively cities, friendly people, and easy methods of traveling around the country, and you’ll find that Ghana is a great place to spend your summer vacation.

As if that isn’t enough, the country is peaceful with several rankings placing it as one of the most peaceful destinations in Africa and the world at large. In addition, Ghana has an abundance of natural beauty including lush, remote wildernesses and wildlife. The country also boasts of some of the most hospitable hotels in West Africa. However, it doesn’t have game reserves or permit hunting. Thanks to the country’s permanent summer weather, it remains a top vacation spot throughout the year, and we think you should make a stop this season. Here’s why. 

Check out 7 solid reasons to visit Ghana this summer…

#1. The textile

Photo: ghanatourismauthority/Instagram

Ghana produces some of the most recognizable textiles in the world, and this is a good reason to visit if you’re into fashion. The colors, prints, texture, and overall quality of Ghana wax are second-to-none and you’ll find them everywhere you turn in the country. Whether it’s battik, traditional woven kente, yaw donkor, ama serwaa, fashion is your excuse to touchdown in Ghana.

#2. Nature’s offering

Photo: ghanatourismauthority/Instagram

In Ghana, nature offers an intoxicating landscape that features a beautiful array of waterfalls, rolling mountains, crystal white beaches, winding red dirt roads, and many others. Should you favor hiking, canoeing, or surfing, you’ll discover that you can get lost in these pleasures with no room for apologies thanks to breathtaking natural gems and incredible biodiversity. In addition, there are several national parks to visit such as the aforementioned Kakum National Park and Mole National Park, where you could spot some wild elephants or antelopes. And let’s not forget Wli Falls — the tallest waterfalls in all of West Africa.

#3. The culture

Photo: Built By King | Pexels

Ghana is a culturally diverse country with roughly 100 linguistic and cultural groups. The Ghanaian culture is visible in its innumerable handicrafts – from the kente weave (which they are particularly known for) to beadwork, wood carvings, and more. Most of these use symbols or depict social beliefs. Plus, its culture also shines through its unique musical sound as well as dance. Good news if you’re a music-lover.

#4. The food

Photo: Greta Hoffman | Pexels

Africans love to eat good food and Ghanaians are not an exception! With a vast array of local dishes – Waakye, Banku, Shito, Fufu, Tuo Zaafi, Kenkey, Jollof rice – you’re up for an amazing foodie journey. Do note, however, that there’s a current debate over who makes the best Jollof rice between Nigeria and Ghana. You already know which side we favor. Thank you for your understanding. Lol.

#5. The castles


Ghana is home to Cape Coast and Elmina castles which are reportedly the oldest, largest, and best-preserved European-built castles in West Africa. The history of these castles will leave you in awe. The Cape Coast castle also houses the door of no return. This was the gateway used to ship out slaves during the Atlantic slave trade. These castles are now of global significance as the centerpieces of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

#6. Africa’s first canopy walkway

Photo: ghanatourismauthority/Instagram

The Kakum Canopy Walkway located in the Kakum National Park used to be Africa’s only canopy walkway, but not anymore. However, that doesn’t take away the thrill of the walkway which consists of woods, nets, and wires, and is said to be roughly 350 meters long rising up to 40 meters above the ground and connected to 7 tree tops.

#7. Paragliding Festival

Photo: ghanatourismauthority | Instagram 

Every Easter, Ghana beckons everyone to come and fly with her as the Ghana Paragliding Festival has become an integral part of the annual Easter celebrations in Ghana. For a small fee, thousands get to experience the beautiful Ghanaian landscape from over 2,500 ft above the ground! This alone should make you want to visit the country next Easter.

Featured image: ghanatourismauthority | Instagram 

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