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See How ISSA RAE The ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Is Killing Red Carpet Fashion

See How ISSA RAE The ‘Awkward Black Girl’ Is Killing Red Carpet Fashion


You’ll have to agree that Issa Rae, the ‘Awkward Black Girl’ is not so awkward now. For those needing an  intro, Jo-issa Rae Diop is an American writer, director, producer and actress best known for her work “The Misadventures of an awkward black girl” which was a web series that the actress started on YouTube. Issa Rae has since moved up in the entertainment world, as along side her growing YouTube channel, she created a successful show titled “Insecure” partially based off her web series for TV giant HBO.

Issa Rae who has produced, co-written, directed and written a good number of film projects is now a certified Hollywood star and what comes with being a Hollywood star is appearing on red carpets for award and premiere events. Issa who became a bonafide star in 2016 has so far made a lot of red carpet apperances and we have to admit; her style on the red carpet is classy, elegant with a little sweet. The creative knows how to hold her own when it comes to her red carpet looks and it seems she always knows just what to wear.

Here’s a look at some of her rave-worthy red carpet styles…


At the Golden Globes

At the NAACP Image Awards

At the Sundance Film Festival

At the 2018 AFI Awards

At the 2018 BAFTA Los Angeles Tea Party

At the Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project party

Marie Claire Image award



At the Emmy Award

At the People Magazine Function

At the Bet Awards 2017

At the 2017 IndieWire Honors

At the 2017 Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party

At The 2017 BET Black Girls Rock! Event

Photo Credit: Getty Images,, Getty Images

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