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Russian Designer MARGARITA TSELSOVA’s Elegant Style Is In A Class By Itself

Russian Designer MARGARITA TSELSOVA’s Elegant Style Is In A Class By Itself

Russian designer Margarita Tselsova is the brain behind the fashion brand RiTA TESLA. Margarita Tselsova is a mother of one who is well known for her use of illusion laces, strategically placed guipure lace to create bridal looks that come in uniquely elegant silhouettes. And when it comes to her design aesthetic, Rita believes that every dress is as unique as the woman who wears it.

The elegance of her designs is also reflected in her personal style and also obvious in her style is her extraordinary way of merging fine art with high fashion. Margarita Tselsova has a conceptual approach to style that seduces her admirers into a world of constant fantasy and poetic sophistication. Margarita or Rita as she is popularly called has proven over time that she is in a class by herself.

With legs that seem to go on forever, Margarita Tselsova brings an unparalleled level of sexiness and glam to every one of her elegant looks. It doesn’t matter if she is rocking a floral look or a monochrome plain look, Rita brings it every time and we are always here for it!

Check out some of Margarita Tselsova’s most stunning looks…

Margarita Tselsova

  Margarita Tselsova Margarita Tselsova

Photo credit: IG | Rita.tesla

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