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Ready To Elevate Your Style? See The Top 10 Black Fashion Influencers To Follow In 2022

Ready To Elevate Your Style? See The Top 10 Black Fashion Influencers To Follow In 2022


Sartorial expertise can range anywhere from simple theoretical knowledge to actually becoming a pro at applying such knowledge into building rave-worthy style––which in my opinion, equates to reaching influencer status. And as an influencer, being able to inspire others to find their own style while remaining true to themselves is the ultimate goal. Every so often, we come across Black fashion influencers who do just that while effortlessly standing out with their looks.

Whether you’re always in need of a quick outfit inspiration, interested in seeing creative ways to style basic pieces or simply enjoy admiring a well-dressed fashionista as they do their thing, you can always trust Black style stars to come through with the magic. From showing us how to rock elevated casuals that awaken your inner superstar to glammed up looks that push us to try new pieces, following the right influencer can serve as a spark in a rather mundane existence. 

We’ve curated a list of top Black fashion influencers who continue to stand out through innovative styling and a sense of originality that resists the fast-paced fashion world. These 10 style stars are creative in their approach to style with a knack for keeping things unpredictable yet relatable, and fun yet classy. This list consists of both women and men who are championing individualistic style and inspiring others in the process.

Whether you’re drawn to bold and fearless looks or would rather slay in simple and classic pieces, you’ll certainly find an influencer on this list to inspire your style. From trendy fashion to couture, fast fashion to luxury, these influencers know how to mix the right pieces to create distinctive looks that embody the essence of their unique style. 

If your new year resolutions include improving your style, these are the top 10 Black fashion influencers to follow for some spark and guidance.

Here are 10 Black fashion influencers you should follow in 2022…

#1. Kahlana Barfield

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A post shared by Kahlana Barfield Brown (@kahlanabarfield)

Brooklyn-based fashion and beauty expert, Kahlana Barfield Brown has her hands deep in expressing femininity in a totally unconventional way with anything she wears. From sporty to sassy numbers, the former magazine editor knows how to deliver an unforgettable look with ease and confidence. If classy, cool and edgy is your goal, Kahlana is your girl.

#2. Highlowluxxe

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A post shared by JENEE’ • Style Expert ?VA (@highlowluxxe)

If you’re of the opinion that luxury fashion isn’t just desirable, but also attainable, you’re going to love Jenee. Known on the streets of Instagram as Highlowluxxe, this bonafide stylista aims to blend high-end designs with everyday pieces, and the outcome is always chic yet relatable fashion.

#3. Elly Karamoh

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A post shared by Elly Karamoh (@elly30)

You may not know who he is but you’ve definitely seen a lot of his work in recent times. If you, like most of us, spent much of 2021, drooling over TV host Steve Harvey‘s improved suave looks, you’ve got celebrity stylist, Elly Karamoh to thank for that. His Parisian roots and in-depth attention to detail may explain how he has turned Steve Harvey’s style from boring and conservative to contemporary, sophisticated, and bold. Elly’s styling skills are certainly worth coveting.

#4. Brooklyn Betty

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A post shared by Breukelen babe (@br00klynbetty)

What’s fashion if it doesn’t bring color to your life and closet? This is a principle influencer Brooklyn Betty takes seriously. It’s visible in the eclectic pieces wrapped in vivid hues, and in the whimsical prints, all infused into a unique athleisure style that hits the mark in a wild yet applaudable way, time after time. Looking for over-the-edge sporty looks? Then this is the one fashion influencer you should follow in 2022.

#5. Lori Harvey

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A post shared by Lori Harvey (@loriharvey)

Last year, Lori Harvey upped her style ante with back-to-back glamorous, sexy, and minimalistic style takes. This has us anticipating what goodness the style and skincare mega influencer would be serving this year and we’ve already taken our front-row seats. Join us!

#6. Essie Golden

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A post shared by Essie Golden ?NYC (@essiegolden)

When considering curvy fashion influencers to follow this year, body positivity influencer, Essie Golden tops the list. The New York-based influencer creates relatable looks for plus-size women, shows us fabulous ways to style them, and above all, helps break the mental barrier surrounding being plus-size and dressing up in chic, form-fitting pieces.

#7. Trevor Stuurman

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A post shared by Trevor (@trevor_stuurman)

After winning the ELLE Style Reporter Search award in 2012, the South African visual artist and stylist became a household name in the region. No print and pattern piece is beyond submission to his artistic talent. The style star effortlessly pairs seemingly difficult pieces and steps out acing it every time. Stuurman is definitely one menswear fashion influencer to follow in 2022 if you’re big on stepping outside your personal style comfort zone.

#8. Didi Stone

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A post shared by DIDI-STONE (@didistone)

French model and top influencer, Olomide Didi aka Didi Stone is unpredictable with her style. One minute she’s rocking a body-flattering cutout dress, and the next, her figure’s hidden in a voluminous fur coat, all ready to put a modern spin on classic French style. Her bold hairstyles, creative fashion takes, and classy Parisienne persona makes her one of the Black influencers you should follow for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

#9. Phenomenergy

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A post shared by A D E R E N I ? Phenom Energy (@phenomenergy)

Nigerian-American influencer, Adereni is well-versed in color play, and her style inspires even those with an insatiable color appetite. Even individuals who keep things minimal need a pop of color every now and then, and Adereni is a good place to turn to when that urge arises. In addition to the fun hues she brings to life, she also knows how to add a good statement vintage find to a basic outfit for that certain ‘je nais se quois’ vibe. 

#10. Wisdom Kaye

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A post shared by Wisdom Kaye (@wisdm)

While many individuals had ill things to speak of in 2020, American influencer Wisdom Kaye became popular in January of that year after his “Vogue Challenge” went viral. To date, the professional model keeps churning out rebellious, entertaining and eccentric styles that steadily spark millions of followers on a global scale.

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