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How to Wear Monochrome: An Easy Guide From Our Favourite Influencers

How to Wear Monochrome: An Easy Guide From Our Favourite Influencers

Colour selection and mixing isn’t the easiest thing to master. A lot of factors go into consideration when choosing what colours to build your wardrobe with. And why is colour mastering so important? Because nothing says “style star” as a flawless monochrome look.

Your complexion, personality, the weather and career type all influence your style and colour choices. These factors also come together to either match or cause discord between the aesthetic harmony you see in your bedroom mirror and your style delivery on the streets.

So just how do you create a stunning monochrome style? Okay, let’s backtrack a little if you’re wondering “what exactly is a monochrome look,” here goes: when you decide to wear different shades of the same colour for most of your look, monochrome style is birthed. The French refer to this as en camaïeu. You should note that monochrome fashion also covers the art of mixing black and white pieces. 

A dynamic monochrome look can also consist of different hues that are closely related like turquoise, blue and green. This is usually easier to achieve and style than pure monochrome in the exact same hue, which is often a more extreme fashion statement.

For outfits that have a lot of different pieces, using different textures really adds more character to the overall style. The difference between textures can be obvious or subtle and you can play with shine, matte, thickness and refine-ness.

The best thing about monochrome style is that you do not need to ransack your wardrobe all day to find pieces that blend well together and this may be why many style influencers are such huge fans of the monochrome style. Today, we turn to them for lessons on how to wear various types of monochrome and look dapperly.

Ready to master the art of monochrome? Get inspired…

1. The all black casual wear

If there’s one colour that always does well, that would be black. It makes you look very smart and sophisticated for engagements. While white and black is the pairing most men lean on, moving to something murdered-out puts you well ahead of the rest.

How to wear monochrome
Tobi Bakre

On days when you want to wear just neutral colours, opt for an all-black look just like Tobi Bakre. An all-black look is commanding and strong; it’s little wonder why many successful people prefer to wear all-black.

You could further tweak the look with texture: a black velvet blazer or leather jacket adds another layer of luxe, while a standard single-breasted two-piece suit steers towards minimal classic.

2. Smart casual separates

Even the seemingly straightforward smart-casual look can become complex when colour is added into the mix – especially when it involves deciding on what colours go well together.

How to wear monochrome
Ernest Donkor

Save yourself the migraine of having to mix and match and go with a monochrome look like Ernest Donkor. A penny brown wool trench coat and a pair of chocolate pants are perfect when it comes to straddling levels of causality. Either a tee, sweater or turtleneck underneath, depending on the frequency you want to dial your look, works well with a look like this. To add even more oomph, punctuate the look with a pair of sneakers or boots.

3. The business casual look

At the core of monochrome’s appeal is the timeless business casual look. Wearing a black business casual look may be a safe option but it won’t win you any style points. That’s not to say your only viable option is navy blue.

Igee Okafor

Trying out new colours like this rich tone on Igee Okafor never hurt anyone. For an on-point partnership, wear your coloured two-piece with a classic shirt in a lighter hue. It can close the gap between boring and business appropriate. 

4. The off-duty wear

As far as style goes, casual looks are one of the easiest to hit and also one of the easiest to miss. The look blends smarter fabrications with minimal or laid back silhouettes. When done with different hues of the same colour, the result is a sleek austerity of monochrome.

How to wear monochrome
Noble Igwe

Mix and match hues until you hit your ideal look or step up your game by mixing solid colours with asymmetric stripes or graphic patterns like Noble Igwe did.

5. The cultural look

Putting a monochrome outfit together is more than just throwing different shades of clothes together. There has to be a balance, and every individual piece of clothing must be treated as an important component of the whole look. If this is well understood, infusing monochrome styling into traditional outfits would be easy.

Tobi Bakre

There are plenty of choices out there. From simple lines to intricate patterns, choosing the right print and colour is important. Then you just need to balance out the rest of your outfit. Take a few notes from Tobi Bakre’s look.

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