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Ruger Delivers An Electrifying Debut With ‘Ru The World’ + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs

Ruger Delivers An Electrifying Debut With ‘Ru The World’ + More Trending New Afrobeats Songs


As the vibrant and infectious rhythms of Afrobeats continue to captivate audiences worldwide, we find ourselves in the eye of a musical whirlwind filled with fresh and exciting sounds. In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary African music, a wave of talented artistes has recently unleashed a torrent of new tracks that showcase the genre’s boundless creativity and innovation. From Lagos to Accra and beyond, these new Afrobeats songs are a testament to the genre’s global impact and its ability to bridge cultures through rhythm and melody. Kicking off this week’s new releases is Ruger, who has finally released his highly anticipated debut album titled Ru The World. With this body of work, he solidifies his place as one of the voices of the future.

Youngster Khaid, who started to make waves last year for his infectious sound, is also back, this time with another EP titled Emotions. On this EP, he underscores his maturity and potential as a part of a new generation of musicians. Join us as we dive into the irresistible beats and melodic fusions that define the best new Afrobeats songs just released, promising to be the soundtrack of the season and beyond.

Check out the top 5 trending new songs released this week…

#1. Ruger – Tour

Ruger’s inaugural full-length project for 2023, aptly titled RU The World, marks a departure from the conventional style and chest-thumping angst that has often characterized his body of work. On this album, Ruger offers a textured and introspective dive into his world, a personal journey that seeks to clarify and reveal his multifaceted identity. Spanning an impressive 17 tracks, RU The World LP finds Ruger not only captivating but also refreshingly candid. He addresses the intricacies of his ascent, delves into the realm of his love life, and contemplates his role in the music industry.

#2. Pheelz ft. Young Jonn – Jelo

Once again, Pheelz and Young Jonn have come together. This time not in their previous familiar roles as just record producers but as celebrated artistes in their own right, each with an impressive track record of hit records. Their latest collaboration bears the title Jelo, and what’s more, it’s produced by none other than Pheelz himself, showcasing his multifaceted talent. Jelo holds a special place in Pheelz’s musical repertoire, marking his third musical offering for the year 2023. This release follows the success of his previous track, YOLO, and promises to captivate audiences with its distinctive sound and artistic vision.

#3. Khaid – No Time

At just 17 years of age, Nigerian rising star Khaid delivers a refreshing musical expression with his EP Emotions. Following his 2022 debut, DIVERSITY, Khaid showcases his ability to blend his Lagos-born sound with universal influences that continue to propel African music to global heights. Emotions is a statement piece, urging listeners to embrace the wide spectrum of vibes that define Khaid’s music, from playful sing-alongs to introspective love songs. His effortless fusion of spirituality and passion highlights his versatility in conveying emotions through music. On No Time, the spiritual song was influenced by a hymn stuck in Khaid’s head. It features Catholic-style melodies and serves as a heartfelt piece that may resonate with those who relate to songs about heartbreak and love.

#4. Teni – Lanke

Afropop sensation Teni has once again graced the music scene with her infectious energy, this time through the release of her feel-good anthem, Lanke. The track itself boasts production credits from none other than the award-winning beatsmith, BlaiseBeatz, whose knack for creating unforgettable beats has consistently elevated the profiles of numerous artistes in the industry. What makes this release even more exciting is the accompanying music video, which adds a visual dimension to the exuberant soundscape of the song. The video was expertly shot in the picturesque city of Accra, Ghana, adding an extra layer of cultural richness and diversity to the project.

#5. Johnny Drille – Spending

Mavin Records presents the latest offering from their versatile singer-songwriter and record producer, the exceptionally talented Johnny Drille. In a delightful musical endeavor, Johnny Drille has unveiled his brand-new single titled Spending, a captivating composition that embodies the essence of love and generosity. This musical masterpiece, produced by none other than the maestro himself, Don Jazzy, marks yet another successful collaboration between Don and Jon. With a harmonious synergy that continues to dazzle fans, Johnny Drille and Don Jazzy once again join forces to deliver a song that is bound to resonate deeply with listeners.

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