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Trail Africa: 5 West African Destinations To Calm Your Mind

Trail Africa: 5 West African Destinations To Calm Your Mind


When we desire calm, soothing locations for an ideal hideaway from our hectic lives, we can look to West Africa because it has a lot of such destinations. West Africa flaunts a wide array of beautiful attractions perfect for a refreshing getaway. Fine beaches, lush green forests, majestic mountains, and tourist-friendly locals are some of the hallmarks of a perfect vacation in this part of Africa.

The region’s long stretch of coastland offers some of the best locations for the harried tourist to visit. Here, you can unwind as nature and the kindest people invigorate you. Should you be planning a vacation any time soon, we implore you to visit this part of Africa for an uber-relaxing time.

Check out 5 destinations in West Africa to visit for a soothing effect on your mind…

#1. Sal Island, Cape Verde

Photo: @girlcalledwhatsername/Instagram

The fabulous Island of Sal has lots of destinations that keep attracting tourists, among which are persons seeking the soothing comforts of a laidback location. Places to visit for this pleasant experience include Blue Eye, Palmeira, Salt Mine, and the picturesque streets of Santa Maria.

Buracona, better known as the Blue Eye, is a popular attraction. Located on the northwest coast of Sal, it’s a big opening in a cave with seawater and shows a large beautiful “blue eye” when sunlight shines into the cave and its water. No doubt, this phenomenon is one of the reasons tourists flock here. Meanwhile, Palmeira, a fishing and harbor town on the northwest of Sal, is another location to seek out. It’s prettied with restaurants, bars, and salt baths as well as hospitable locals, a lively fishing community, and scenic architecture. Of course, your relaxation on this pleasant Island of Sal will not be complete without the soothing sounds of Cape Verde’s national music, morna.

#2. Robertsport, Liberia

Photo: @forafricans/Instagram

Robertsport, Liberia has an all-year-round warm weather that makes it suitable for travelers from all over the world to visit for relaxation. It is famous for its long, terrific waves superb for surfing or bodysurfing. Surfers will find this place an exhilarating spot for the sport which the locals call “sliding.”

Robertsport has its charming history, too. There is an old cottonwood tree with the carved names of freed slaves from America since around 1829. Make sure to take photographs or selfies. Other popular attractions of this destination are the emerald bay and the beautiful lagoon of Lake Piso. There are friendly locals to meet here, a lot of whom are fishermen. You can practise a bit of fishing and you’ll be glad to explore that.

#3. Mount Nimba, Yekepa, Liberia

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The majestic mountain range at Yekepa in Liberia, known as Mount Nimba, has drawn tourists, hikers, mountain climbers, and lovers of nature from across the world. Straddling Liberia and two other West African countries – Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire, Mount Nimba serves visitors with breathtaking views of these African countries. This mountain is an ideal hiker’s paradise, but it is also a breathtakingly beautiful attraction to divert and refresh your mind.

It is far removed from the bustle of Liberia’s big cities, so you can find it an ideal hideaway packed with gorgeous fixtures – lush forest and greenery, stunning views, and thrilling biodiversity. Bird lovers can indulge in watching rare species of birds such as the Gola Malimbe, Nimba flycatcher, and yellow-bearded greenbul. Mount Nimba is also home to the African Giant Swallowtail, the largest butterfly in Africa. Here’s one of the best destinations in West Africa to forget your worries and commune with nature in the most profound and exciting ways.

#4. Bassam Beach, Cote d’Ivoire

Photo: @cestmacotedivoire/Instagram

Located about 45 kilometers east of Abidjan, Bassam Beach is one of the most famous and exquisite beaches in Cote d’Ivoire. It is one of those beaches perfect for basking in the sun, enjoying the cool breezes from the sea, or just sitting on beach chairs under thatch shades, sipping a cocktail while looking out to the ever-rolling ocean waves. It is a charming place to visit, plus, it offers some of the friendliest locals you can meet. There are souvenirs to memorialize your visit to this place – batik, brass sculptures, wood carvings, and the like. You will find vendors selling them by the sea, especially on weekends.

#5. Saly, Senegal

Photo: @lui_elle_toi_moi/Instagram

Often dubbed “the Riviera of Senegal,” Sal is a serene and laidback town endowed with cutting-edge facilities, luxurious accommodations, exquisite beaches, and rustic scenery. It’s a relatively uncrowded town that fits with a weary traveler’s wish for calm and privacy. Besides the beaches, Saly has other attractions to enrich your experience.

Art offers an exciting escape from life’s worries; Galerie Mémoires Africaines comes highly recommended for its selection of special pieces. Musée Khelcom, a modern art museum displaying the creativity of artists unique to Saly, will further enrich your experience of this place. A little golf can help rejig your mind; so a visit to Golf de Saly can offer the escape you really need.

Whether sitting by the sea and sipping a cocktail or wandering deep into the rustic settings of Saly, you will experience how special this slow beach town is – a place to come back to whenever you feel harried by life.

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