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How To Pick The Perfect Short Hairstyle That’s Absolutely You: 19 Looks + Styling Tips!

How To Pick The Perfect Short Hairstyle That’s Absolutely You: 19 Looks + Styling Tips!


Like a breath of fresh air, switching things up with your hair can give a much needed sense of rejuvenation and what better way to switch up than with an unexpected cropped hair. From uber-sleek pixie cuts to flattering neck-length bobs that are oh so sultry, short hairstyles are a must-try this season! 

Conveniently, these neck grazing and feature accentuating styles work with both natural and artificial textures. They embrace curls and afros just as much as they fit into straight and woven tresses. Whether you’re a naturalista looking for protective mane solutions or you’re in the mood for a whole new look, short hairstyles are perfect for you!

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Here are a few tips to consider when selecting the perfect short hairstyle… 

#1. The shape of your face

The first thing to do when choosing the perfect cut is to put facial dimensions into consideration, the most vital of which is the shape of your face. Whether round, oval, or heart-shaped, knowing your facial structure is the ultimate hack to rocking a short hairstyle effortlessly. 

#2. Colors and tints

Here you get to play with your creative side while pushing conventional limits and possibly coming out of your comfort zone. With an array of shades that scream “old Hollywood” like blonde and honey-brown hues, to foxy tints of blue and platinum, there’s a color for everyone! Ultimately, have fun and don’t be coy with expressing yourself through colors and tints.

#3. Textures and styles

When it comes to the texture of your hair, you’re absolutely in control of the short hairstyle you choose. You can revel in different styles from the powerful natural afro and kinky curls, to the good old 90s bowl cut or a wet and wispy fix.

If you’re looking for a short hairstyle that’s as empowering as you are and suitable for both short and medium hair, we’ve got you covered.

Check out 19 easy short hairstyles that scream class…

The pixie with a long side bang

If a casual voluminous hairstyle is your fix, then this is one you’d adore. A daring number such as this one is sure to inject lots of sass into your daily look. The volume is built on the crown, with a cute feathered finish added.

Baldie baddie

bald hairstyles for ladies stylerave

The baldie baddie is the girl who isn’t afraid to bare it all to exude a fierce and unforgettable look. This hairstyle is right for a lady with strong facial features like full lips and prominent jawline. 


Blonde wet and wispy

Every inch fierce as it is sexy, the blonde wet and wispy hairstyle is the go-to style for that ‘I woke up like this moment.‘ If you are feeling extra fancy, highlight with contrasting colors. 


Cropped curls with sleek edges

cropped curls short hairstyles for black women stylerave

Buzzcuts with arts


Finger waves

finger waves short hair stylerave


The layered side-part bob

the layered side-part bob short hairstyles stylerave

If easy, breezy, beautiful was a hairstyle, it would be the layered side-part bob. This hairstyle evokes a whimsical air that makes it perfect for the girl who wants to look beautiful without trying. 


The classic bob 

classic bob hairstyles for black women stylerave


The long bob “lob”

the long bob lob hairstyles for short hair stylerave

Popularized by Hollywood stars, the long bob takes every girl’s favorite hairstyle, the short bob, to new lengths. It exudes glamour and refinement while accentuating your facial features.  

Face-framing curls


The curly afro

The curly afro is a modern take on the traditional ‘fro we grew to love, thanks to the ’80s pop stars.  This modern version is a new favorite because it has more movement and tangles less than the original. A great choice for naturalistas.

Asymmetrical curls



Classic blonde pixies 

blonde pixie cuts stylerave
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The buzz undercut 



Slicked curls


Coloured curly afro with bangs 

blue curly afro with bangs short hairstyles stylerave


Afro mohawk

curly afro mohawk short hairstyles for balck women stylerave

The afro mohawk is another great choice for those sistas wearing their hair natural. By using a few bobby pins and some haircare products, you can instantly style your afro into this edgy look.

Platinum pixie 

platinum blonde pixie cuts stylerave


The graduated bob

graduated bob hairstyles for black women stylerave

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