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SR International: Paloma Elsesser Talks The Agony And Ecstasy Of Her Breakout Year As She Covers WSJ. Magazine’s October Issue

SR International: Paloma Elsesser Talks The Agony And Ecstasy Of Her Breakout Year As She Covers WSJ. Magazine’s October Issue


The model Paloma Elsesser has what many might see as a glittering, out-of-reach profession, but she says her dream job is to be a poet. She also has a concise reason why she probably never will be. “You know, I like nice things,” she says, laughing. Paloma Elsesser Net Worth

Elsesser—who reportedly has a net worth of $300,000, according to Model Facts—30, is still writing, though. She’s in the early stages of a collection of essays about different parts of her life—not a memoir, she’s quick to clarify. “I don’t have a body of life and work, and I’m not Malala. I’m just a model who’s a size 12,” she says. “But I’ve had some weird stuff. This is a weird job.”paloma-elsesser-net-worth-style-rave

On a summer afternoon earlier this year, she’s curled up barefoot in an armchair in a Brooklyn studio, having just wrapped a video shoot for WSJ. In conversation, she speaks candidly about topics ranging from grief to heartbreak. Part of the reason she’s compiling her prose is to take control of her story.

Here are a few things Paloma Elsesser revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

Elsesser on writing a collection of personal essays:

“The way I look at work is: Let’s say I lost all my memories, I can always look back at these things, and they exist,” she says, referring to the multitudinous shoots she’s done since breaking into the industry in 2015. “I want to be the arbiter of those things.”

Elsesser on the importance of her long-term friendships—models like Bella Hadid, Precious Lee and Imaan Hammam—as well as ones who keep a lower profile:

“Having these long-term friendships that have gone through stuff like drug addiction, grief, loss…and still being able to weather that,” says Elsesser, “it’s taught me more than any romantic relationship, tenfold.”

Elsesser on her start in the fashion world:paloma-elsesser-net-worth-style-rave

“I didn’t fit into what the archetypal plus-size woman was in the industry,” says Elsesser of trying to first break into the fashion world. “What were they going to do with me?”

Pat McGrath on casting Elsesser in her first major photo shoot:

“[Paloma] had the timeless beauty of a Hollywood starlet but the style of a modern icon.”

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful on featuring Elsesser on the magazine’s cover in 2018:

“We knew she had that thing—that star quality,”

Elsesser on wanting more compassion in the fashion industry:

“Being more conscious that when someone’s killing it, they might literally be killing themselves.”

Elsesser on what she did on the day she turned 30:

She woke up at 7 a.m., meditated naked for 30 minutes and started “journaling my little 30-year-old heart out.” It had been a big year for her, and a hard one. She’d bought her first house, gone through a big breakup and was dating for the first time in years. “It felt like, I’m alone here, and I wasn’t going to die from it,” she says of the period.

Elsesser on her recent decision to have an abortion:

“I feel like we need to be more honest [about these experiences],” she says. “I want babies, I just didn’t want one then and with that person. Knowing how…afraid and alone I felt in that process, what must a person going through it completely alone with no finances and choices feel? It’s beyond horrifying.”

Elsesser on how she felt when she turned 30:

“I felt…I don’t need a boyfriend, I don’t need this job. I have everything I ever wanted,” she says. “It allowed me to…feel like enough for once. And I really felt that—for the first time ever.”

Elsesser on her future:

She’s going to “mogul the f— out” for two years. “We’re on vacation making decks for businesses,” she says of her and her friends. “We’re talking about what’s bigger and better.” Paloma Elsesser Net Worth




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