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Nigeria At 56: The Nation Stands Still as the Fashion Industry Inspires Us | Independence Day Lookbook

Nigeria At 56: The Nation Stands Still as the Fashion Industry Inspires Us | Independence Day Lookbook

Nigeria is experiencing a dire economic situation at the moment and that’s no longer news. From massive price hikes to high exchange rates and inflation, the economy is definitely not moving in the direction Nigerians had hoped for when President Buhari took office last year.

As Nigeria clocked 56 on the 1st of October, instead of turning to TV screens to hear from the Presidency, Nigerians turned to Instagram to see what our fashion entrepreneurs have in their creative stores to celebrate our independence. In the midst of all the not-so-good economic news, it seems the fashion industry has become a beacon of hope, thanks to the industry’s growing popularity within and outside of Africa.

So as the clock struck at midnight and 1st of October arrived, fashion bloggers and fashion entrepreneurs turned their blogs and Instagram pages into an independence celebration show. They made their independence day speeches by putting together the most creative pieces invoking Nigerian pride and hope for the Nation.

These creative designs by our fashion industry thought leaders saw the most awesomely curated green and white looks which bordered around fine aesthetics, cultural elegance and patriotism. It was really beautiful to see Nigeria celebrated by her daughters in times like this; it was truly inspiring! It got us thinking that while we may have been relying on petroleum for so long, it may just be that fashion is the natural resource that will better our economic future.

In this lookbook, we have curated some of our favourite patriotic looks from this year’s (…and 1 or 2 images from last year’s) Independence Day showcase.

Fashion Blogger Rhonkefella Commands in Green






Toju Foyeh’s Elegant Hat Collection





Sharon Ojong’s Afro-Gothic Inspiration




Which was your best independence-themed look? Tag us on your green-white-green shots on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page.

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