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7 Biggest Menswear Trends From The Winter 2022/2023 Runway Shows

7 Biggest Menswear Trends From The Winter 2022/2023 Runway Shows

And in the twinkle of an eye, another menswear season has come and gone, though it felt much shorter this time around. With London scrapping their men’s shows due to a spike in the Omicron variant and major brands pulling out of Pitti Uomo in Florence, we were left with mainly Milan and Paris collections to keep up with. But the brands that did show tried to make the best out of these challenging times and there was more than enough fashion to fuel us until next season. Menswear trends winter 2022

Winter 2022-2023 Men’s Fashion Week in Milan and Paris pushed the boundaries. From having Jeff Goldblum close Prada’s runway show, to Rick Owens’ headlamp hats, the shows this season have been anything but uninspiring. When it comes to Fall/Winter, menswear tends to focus most of its efforts on solid outerwear and tailoring.

This season, the suit got revitalized, hoods came back, tight-high boots are in and men wearing skirts seem to be the rave. Overall, menswear seems to have caught up and is finally having some fun. Menswear trends winter 2022

Check out 7 of this season’s biggest menswear trends for Fall/Winter 2022-2023…

#1. The revamped suit

Photo: @louisvuitton | Instagram

Tailored suits have been put through a lot over the last couple of seasons. Some designers are intent on blowing them up for all things oversized, while others have made shrunken proportions their signature. This season, suits came in all sorts of fabrics from silk to velvet, denim, tweed, flannel, wool and even leather. Not only did varieties of fabrics make a return but also styles including the double-breasted suit, the padded shoulder, etc.

#2. Skirt suits

Photo: @jordanluca_official | Instagram

As menswear embraces conventionally female style tropes, we’ve seen many pieces migrate from women’s runways onto men’s. The most recurrent one has been the skirt: pleated, mini, tulle, crinoline, you name it and we’ve probably seen it at a menswear show over the last couple of seasons. At the Winter 2022-2023 event, the styling proposal seems to have skirts present. We’ve seen this before at Thom Browne, and this season it was present at Louis Vuitton, EGONlab., Undercover, and Steven Passaro. Men wearing skirts is nothing new, and over the years, men have continued to prove that they can rock a skirt as well as women can.

#3. Joggers are making a return


Joggers have been the unforeseen wardrobe hit since 2020. They got men through lockdown and now, it is evident that people are reluctant to relinquish their comfort as they’ve made their way to the runway. Whether floor length, tapered or cinched at the ankle, joggers come in various forms, some of which were present at the Winter 2022/2023 runway. It looks like joggers are here to stay and we will definitely be seeing them as more than just errand outfits.

#4. Thigh-high boots

Photo: Via Vogue | Courtesy of GmbH

Are thigh-high boots going to dethrone chunky boots for next season? Well, some of the designers who presented at the Winter 2022/2023 fashion weeks certainly took up the challenge. On the runway, there were models strutting in extra-long boots that went all the way up to the crotch. GmbH presented various models in different types of leather. At Rick Owens, they were platform-soled. Sean Suen featured them as black fairy-tale boots. Acne Studios and Louis Vuitton both presented thigh-high boots, while at Moschino they took the form of colorful, detachable leather gaiters rising up to mid-thigh.

#5. Balaclavas

Photo: Via Vogue | Courtesy of Walter Van Beirendonck

Balaclavas have been trending since the end of 2021. The presence of the headpiece on different runways, such as a heart-shaped balaclava from Loewe, shows that this trend isn’t going away any time soon. Arguably a side effect of mask-wearing caused by the pandemic, balaclavas have been all over TikTok and Instagram and are now making their way to in-real-life fashion through runways as spotted on Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, and Loewe models. If you’re going to dress sexy this season, at least keep your head warm.

#6. Shearling jacket

Photo: Daniele Oberrauch via Vogue

Few outerwear pieces are better for winter than a beautifully structured shearling jacket. This season, the iconic winter piece came out from the shadows of being a simple menswear closet staple to becoming one of the main characters on the runways. Some of these will make you feel fly like a G6, while others will surely make you think twice about calling a shearling jacket boring. Menswear trends winter 2022

#7. The throw

Photo: Filippo Fior via Vogue

Last winter, we saw an endless amount of quilting come alive on and off the runway, and it seems like for this winter the quilting obsession continues. At the Winter 2022-2023 fashion weeks, the hybridization of fabrics using quilting was a popular trend on the runway. From the longline tunic at Rick Owens to the multi-layer capes/ponchos at Dsquared2 and White Mountaineering, quilting seems to be an evolving art form. Tasseled plaids also became hooded coats at Kenzo, while Bluemarble uses traditional satin-trimmed bedspreads to stitch together its coats.

Featured photo:  Instagram | As captioned

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