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Why Jewelry Is A Great Ice Breaker + 7 Men’s Jewelry Brands You Should Know

Why Jewelry Is A Great Ice Breaker + 7 Men’s Jewelry Brands You Should Know


No outfit is complete without the right accessories to solidify your look but don’t just go for any old, boring accessory, please! As stylish men, must-haves in your jewelry collection should include some fantastic-looking statement pieces that are sure to get conversations going wherever you show up.

For the more edgy and adventurous fashion slayer, there’s a wide range of men’s jewelry to improve and upgrade your repertoire and if you’re the ultra-conservative type, you can still style up any outfit with a unique and classy timepiece, sunglasses or ring.

A unique piece of jewelry doesn’t only look good on you but it’s also a good way to break the ice in a gathering thus, improving your social skills and earning you such style respect.

Nitty-gritty on men’s jewelry

#1. Necklace/chain

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The thickness of your necklace/chain should match the time of day and your destination. As a rule of thumb, the darker the hour, the thicker and brighter your necklace should be. That is to say, simple neck pieces should be worn during the day and heavier ones for nighttime outings. However, an exception to this is if you’re an entertainer, then like 50 Cent and Kanye West, you can flaunt blinding statement pieces at any time of the day.

#2. Bracelets

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Bracelets give your look a modern edge and a masculine vibe. Go for a signature bracelet made from metals, leather or beads. In addition, handcuffs (not to be confused with the police handcuffs), the latest trend in men’s hand accessories, is a show stopper. Certainly, one you can also explore this season.

#3. Rings

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Rings should be simple to wear, modern, elegant, stylish and uniquely crafted from durable metal. Too often, men default to a shortlist of “safe choices” that are literarily dead on arrival as no one notices it even exists on your body. Choose a dress ring or trendy design depending on your taste and what you’re wearing at the moment. You should also consider where you’re headed to pick an appropriate option. For example, if you’re out for a party, a statement ring with just a touch of “bad boy” is sure to help you start a conversation the moment a fellow fashion lover spots it on you.

The next time you step out for a major social gathering, dare to be different and flaunt a unique piece of jewelry. You’ll see yourself transform into a show stopper and everyone will be trying to start a chat with you.

Now, check out 7 unique men’s jewelry brands to know…

#1. Tom Wood

Fashion brand Tom Wood also boasts a remarkable jewelry collection. It’s recognized for its minimalist jewelry designs that are crafted from fine materials including stainless steel. This men’s jewelry brand features a variety of designs from signet rings to pendant necklaces and plain bracelets.

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#2. Luis Morais

If you’re drawn to jewelry peppered with colors and beads, then this is your dream jeweler. Luis Morais is well respected for their creative play with colors, textures, as well as fabrics. This Brazilian jeweler always twists a gothic edge into their designs, thus, a man with an appetite for the unexpected would surely admire them.

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#3. Scosha Woolridge

Delightful pieces for both men and women make up this brand’s portfolio. Founded by namesake Scosha Woolridge in 2007, this brand creates handcrafted jewelry for the adventurer, dreamer, and lover of life. Ancient weaving techniques, conflict-free diamonds, yellow gold and sterling silver are blended to reflect the designer’s myriad inspirations, which range from Brooklyn to Egyptian mythology.

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#4. Le Gramme

French jeweler, Le Gramme oozes refined elegance for the sophisticated man. This jewelry brand for men often uses simple lines as well as architectural curves in their pieces, thus evoking a sense of simplicity and timelessness. Undoubtedly, this is a brand that speaks minimalist luxury.

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#5. Foundrae

If you’re a jewelry lover, you know that charms have witnessed a resurrection this season. Luckily, Foundrae got the memo and boasts a large collection of stylish charms. Whether to tell a story of love, an accomplishment, or the birth of a child, Foundrae jewelry can be that sentimental piece. In addition, yellow gold finishes and intricate details are prevalent in this brand. Go on, celebrate that memory with stylish jewelry.

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#6. Martine Ali

All hail the masters of silver, Martine Ali. Of course, jewelry is genderless and if there’s a jeweler who understands this, it’s this one. When you take a journey through their collection, you’ll certainly be greeted by iconic chain-based silver jewelry and accessories reminiscent of 90s-era grunge, and hip-hop culture. This Brooklyn-based brand has it all from edgy necklaces, to punk rings and everything in between.

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#7. Bleue Burnham

Bleue Burnham is an interesting jewelry brand for men as they are one of the few that works heavily with gemstones. Each collection from them sees an exploration of the relationship between gemstones and nature and the result is always a hit. Rich colors, bold designs, unexpected creations and timeless staples are all given a unique representation with Burnham. Although it’s a young brand — established in 2018 — it is in no way inferior to the others.

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