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Meghan Markle Talks About Being The Most Trolled Person In The World, Mental Health & More

Meghan Markle Talks About Being The Most Trolled Person In The World, Mental Health & More


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has brought to the attention of the public that she was the “the most trolled person in the entire world in 2019” and the effect on her health is “almost unsurvivable.” The Duchess who was interviewed by American teenagers for a podcast, opened up saying it was “so damaging” to mental and emotional health for anyone to have people “saying things about you that aren’t true.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat down with three high school students and podcast hosts Gael, Kayla and Thomas at the Royal’s Santa Barbara villa to discuss the topic of mental health and how we can all contribute to a healthier world “physically, mentally, emotionally and holistically,” on October 10 to mark World Mental Health day.

Photo: Teenage Therapy

“I can speak personally because I’m told that in 2019 I was the most trolled person in the entire world – male or female,” Meghan Markle told the podcast.

“Now, eight months of that I wasn’t even visible. I was on maternity leave or with a baby. But what was able to just be manufactured and churned out. It’s almost unsurvivable,” she added.

She also said that her mental health suffered as a result of the trolling. “I don’t care if you’re 15 or 25, if people are saying things about you that aren’t true, what that does to your mental and emotional health is so damaging.” 

The couple also spoke about the impact social media can have on mental health, and highlighted that with more people spending time online as a result of the coronavirus, it was more important than ever to be aware of the negative effects.

“Hate-following has become a thing, but you don’t need to do that. Just as much as we worry about, be concerned and take notice of what we put in our bellies as a diet, the same applies for our eyes and our mind, what we’re consuming is affecting us,” Prince Harry said.

“For me, I made the choice not to read it, not to see it, and to remove myself from that, and to very much focus on the uplifting and the hopeful side.” he added.

Meghan revealed she used journaling as a “powerful” tool to gain perspective on her life and problems, while Prince Harry confirmed his dedication to daily meditation.

Photo credit: Instagram | Teenagetherapy / Meghan Markle News Today

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