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World Mental Health Day: 5 Self-Care Practices As We Celebrate Mental Health For All

World Mental Health Day: 5 Self-Care Practices As We Celebrate Mental Health For All


One of the best parts of living in this contemporary world is that slowly mental health and illnesses are no longer considered taboo topics. The demystifying of mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar, which for so long were linked to evil spirits and the devil, has helped many people speak up on mental issues they are battling and seek professional help. World Mental Health Day 2020 Awareness.

This has ultimately saved their lives and that of others because sadly, oftentimes, family and/or close friends also suffer when their loved one has some mental illnesses. This is why days like today, October 10, which marks World Mental Health Awareness Day, are significant as they help bring to light several mental health issues and how to combat them.

World Mental Health Day aims to destigmatize and further bring awareness on ways to keep up your mental health while bringing the different issues we are battling to light. For those wondering what mental health is, Wikipedia comes to our aid with a straightforward definition: mental health is a level of psychological well-being or an absence of mental illness. For 2020, the theme as organized by the World Federation for Mental Health is “Mental Health For All.”

At Style Rave, we take mental health seriously, and that is why we have dedicated Mondays to discuss the various issues of mental health to help our readers become their best selves and seek help when needed. We understand that against the pandemic backdrop with restrictions still in place in various parts of the world, this is more important than ever.

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, here are 5 self-care practices you should do…

#1. Physical self-care

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For your body to run efficiently, you need to take good care of it! When it comes to physical self-care, you need to ask yourself if you are sleeping properly, eating well, getting enough exercise, taking alcoholic drinks in moderation, not abusing drugs, and making out time for personal care. 

#2. Social self-care

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What is your social life like? Yes, I know that you want to mind your business and stay in your lane, but feeling connected to other people is important. We know that life can get busy sometimes, but you have to put time and energy into cultivating, building, and maintaining relationships with others. After all, no man is an island, and spending time with positive, loving people you care about and trust can ease stress, help your mood and improve the way you feel overall. World Mental Health Day.

#3. Mental self-care. World Mental Health Day.

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How are you decluttering your mind and reducing your stress levels? In our world today, there are so many things that can negatively influence our mental health, from the news to social media posts. Rather than spend time dwelling on the things that would negatively influence you, feed your mind on other things you love, such as reading a book, getting lost in DIY, unplugging from technology, taking a walk, or even a class. What matters the most is that you are doing something positive that you love.

#4. Spiritual self-care

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Nurturing your spirit does not have to involve religion. This is not to say that being religious is bad. Spiritual self-care activities are ones to care for and replenish our souls. To effectively take care of your spiritual needs in this noisy world, you have to be in tune with your inner self. This could be achieved through meditation, yoga, spending time with nature, writing in a journal, connecting with a community, volunteering, singing, dancing, basically whatever makes you fulfilled.

#5. Emotional self-care

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Emotional self-care may include activities that help you acknowledge and express your feelings healthily regularly. The key is to get in touch with your emotions. This can mean taking some time to meditate, write in your journal, practice gratitude by reflecting or sharing with others, talking with a close friend, seeing a therapist, or leaving positive notes for yourself. World Mental Health Day 2020 Awareness.

Remember, self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy as your self-care plan will have to be tailored to your needs. Just do you!

If you live in an area with limited access to therapists and mental health professionals, you should consider getting online counseling through telemedicine companies like SouthEnd Psychiatry.

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