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Mariah Carey’s New Album ‘Caution’ Is Probably The Most Significant RnB Album Of The Decade

Mariah Carey’s New Album ‘Caution’ Is Probably The Most Significant RnB Album Of The Decade

With over thirty years of being active in the music industry, Mariah Carey’s impact and influence in shaping music as we know it today. Her status as one of the most iconic singers of all times is undeniable. The enchanting chanteuse has made a name for herself with her unbelievable vocals, five-octave vocal range, cohesive beautiful albums and fun diva attitude. If Mariah was to go into retirement she would go into it a celebrated icon. This, however, is far from the case as the singer is still creating beautiful songs and has recently released an album which has us all once again in awe of the gift from Heaven that is Mariah Carey.

Mariah teased us earlier this year with a beautiful single GTFO where she employed her sultry vocals in one of the best breakup songs of 2018 and left us thirsting for more. A thirst she quenched by releasing a new album which is her fifteenth studio album. The first in four years, Caution is, as expected, a wonderfully curated album with amazing vocals and makes a very important statement by simply existing.

The album reminds us of what Mariah Carey represents in the music industry – unadulterated timeless talent. A talent that will forever be in vogue and will forever make sales, Mariah proves that be it the 90s, the early 2000s or the late 2010s, and even in years to come, her sound will always be relevant. A thing not many artists and singers can make claim to.

The album has many of her fans and listeners proclaiming that she has arrived to save RnB. Why? Well, because from Caution’s opener GTFO to its closing song Portrait, Mariah is seen providing sultry classic RnB vocal aesthetics which one can’t help but miss in this era of mainstream pop RnB. That said, one can’t help but wonder if Caution’s relatively downtempo sound will make quite the impact in our Hot 100 obsessed streaming society. Whatever the rating outcome, true fans can rest assured that regardless of whether or not Mariah makes another entry in the record books she has provided us with one of the most significant RnB albums of the decade.

Watch Caution’s opener here and continue to see the link to full album…

Listen to Caution on iTunes here.

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