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A Gentleman’s Guide: How To Get Perfectly Manicured Nails At Home

A Gentleman’s Guide: How To Get Perfectly Manicured Nails At Home


The importance of personal grooming can’t be over-emphasized, especially as a man. While we may all be aware of this, not many practice it, and thus, even a simple manicure session can often be ignored. More often than not, the excuse is always that no one notices your fingers but nothing could be farther from the truth. They may not comment on it, but they sure do notice. Why not save yourself some unnecessary embarrassments and give yourself a good manicure at home, with only a few tools?

There’s an erroneous belief that visiting the salon for a manicure/pedicure session is emasculating, and that’s misleading. Every so often, you should treat yourself to a simple self-care experience that can also include pampering your palms and feet. However, in the event that you’re strapped for time or you’re looking to save a few bucks, a beginner-friendly manicure at home is possible and you wouldn’t compromise on quality.

Check out 5 easy steps to perfectly manicured nails at home for men…

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What you’ll need:

  • Nail clipper
  • Emery board/nail file
  • Cuticle remover, cuticle pusher, & cuticle oil
  • Hand scrub
  • Moisturizing hand lotion/cream

Step 1:

  • Begin your at-home manicure session by clipping your nails. For this, you’ll need a nail clipper. Simply start with the sides of the nail and gradually clip to your desired length.

Step 2:

  • Next, use an emery board/nail file to smooth out the cut edge of the nail. Always move the file in one direction.

Step 3:

  • Apply cuticle remover to the edges of your nail where it touches the skin. Then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticle from the surface of the nail.

Step 4:

  • Next, use a little bit of cuticle oil to moisturize your cuticle. Doing this regularly will help your nails get in perfect shape.

Step 5:

  • If your hands look dry or ashy, use a hand scrub to remove the dead skin from all over your hands. Then, follow that with a moisturizer/hand cream to seal in moisture.

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That’s all you need to do to ensure your nails are looking great at all times. Easy right?

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