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5 Essential Products You Need To Effectively Groom Your Beards

5 Essential Products You Need To Effectively Groom Your Beards


Now you have grown your beards, what next? Maintaining any type of hair requires dedication and your beards are no different. While you may have let your facial hair grow out in a bid to join the #beardedmen movement, it doesn’t end there. A gentleman certainly understands the importance of beard grooming and how failure to do so makes you look unkempt. Luckily, we’ll be sharing some super easy tips for beard grooming to get you started.

Besides the famed coconut oil, there are also a handful of products and tools that help to keep your mane in the best possible form. Of course, a regular trim at your barber’s is important, and for that reason, it doesn’t make this list. (Come on, you don’t need a curation to remind you to faithfully get a trimmed). Rather, we’ll be spotlighting some beard products every man should invest in to help you manage your beard effectively. Beard grooming is a lifestyle and a sophisticated man must live it.

Check out 5 beard grooming products and tools that keep your beards in great condition…

#1. Beard oil


Beard oil is a must for softer, tamer, fuller, and healthier beards. In addition, they can also make the skin under your beards super soft and moisturized. It’s also sometimes used to promote beard growth. Beard oils are easy to find and affordable. However, in the unlikely event that you can’t find one, natural oils like jojoba and coconut are great substitutes.

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#2. Beard balm and wax

These are mostly are a blend of natural oils, waxes, and kinds of butter in varying amounts. They serve as leave-in conditioners and will keep your beards feeling soft to touch. Just like the above, you can find beard balm and wax anywhere and they are also pocket friendly. If you’re looking for a great natural substitute, shea butter is your answer.
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#3. Beard wash


Another trusted beard grooming product is beard wash. Although your regular shampoos and body washes may carry out the same function, a beard wash performs a more thorough job. In addition, some washes have been specially formulated for various beard conditions and if you’re looking for more targeted treatment, a wash is the best way to go.

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#4. Beard conditioner

Every wash leaves your skin feeling dry, hence the need for beard conditioners as they help with moisturising your beards. In addition, the beard conditioner will help soften your beards (even better than oils) and they also add a shine to it.

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#5. Comb/brush

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Depending on the length of your beards, different combs serve different purposes. However, they all ensure you don’t go out looking untidy. It is necessary that you comb/brush your beards before setting out and also multiple times during the day. This will help prevent tangles, as well as keep them looking fuller. You can leave your comb in your car and whenever you have the time, step in to give your beards a quick brush.

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