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9 Best Tips For Meeting Someone New This Season

9 Best Tips For Meeting Someone New This Season


One of the best times in the year to meet people is during the festive season. Everyone is excited to be alive, grateful, and light-hearted. The scenarios are endless, making meeting people almost inevitable unless you have chosen to sit it out by your fireplace. Because if you head out shopping, best believe there’s a sweetheart who’s going to ask you how she looks while you zip up her dress or a plus one to your family dinner who might have interesting chat topics.

So if you’re a “Single Pringle” and ready to mingle, guess what? You’re not alone. It seems that with love and gifts-giving in the air, it emphasizes singleness and amps up a sense of loneliness. The effect is that the singles are smoked out and ready to mingle and meet new people.

Check out 9 tips on how to meet a new person this season…

#1. Volunteer

Photo: Anna Shvets/Pexels

There’re a ton of people who need help this season, whether it relates to food, shelter, or whatever. Why not step out of yourself and do something truly thoughtful to make another person’s holiday a pleasant one? Plus, volunteering opens the window to meet new people and you just might find that special someone while you’re doing some good.

#2. Mail your packages

Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

This season is perhaps the most hectic when it comes to logistics/shipping. Everyone will be sending gifts to their loved ones so why not seize the opportunity to catch a boo? What you can do is drop off your gift in person at the courier service and let’s hope a col dude decides to do the same. As you both bump into each other, a new love story might just begin.

#3. Be approachable

Photo: Yan Krukov/Pexels

A smile sets every curve straight, including a potential curve from your ideal date. Simply put, be approachable. Even if you make the effort to go out more often, but appear grouchy or snobbish, chances are the energy might put off your date. Smile, be kind, hold up a conversation, and be a better version of yourself. This doesn’t make you a pretender, but a person committed to being kinder.

#4. Engage

Photo: Keira Burton/Pexels

Social media and virtual meetups have reduced our ability to meet people physically. These days, if we want to meet someone, it must be more deliberate. Go to places your dream date would typically go, and explore. Choose to walk into the restaurant and eat in, rather than opt for door delivery. It’s not because you’re less attractive than the couples wearing matching ugly sweaters this season, but because you probably haven’t engaged enough. Just saying.

#5. Put down your phone

Photo: August de Richelieu/Pexels

Going on a date with a new person and spending all your time surfing the internet might be considered rude. Be in the moment and familiarize yourself with your date. Swiping through posts or even attending to emails while you’re on your phone, and missing opportunities to interact is the wrong approach.

#6. Dress the part

Photo: EVG Kowalievska/Pexels

Coordinating an outfit to attract the dream date could expose you to a wide range of options. For this reason, knowing the type of person(s) you would love to meet helps direct your focus. When meeting a new person this season, you’re already aware of things to look out for, and of course, your deal-breakers. So, by dressing the part, you narrow your options to only those who matter to you. That’s smart marketing.

#7. Hit the gym

Photo: Yan Krukov/Pexels

Maybe it’s the excess holiday food, but this season has individuals of varying backgrounds hitting the gym. Take advantage of the discounts that come with the festivities, and sign up with a gym. Getting fit and getting booed up is mission accomplished.

#8. Throw a party

Photo: Kindel Media/Pexels

Rather than waiting for time and chance to happen to you, why not create the opportunity by throwing a themed party? It could be a neighborhood event or an invite to a friend, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is setting the tone for meeting a new person this season. With this option, it’s all in your hands.

#9. Join an organized travel group

Photo: Kindel Media/Pexels

Going bungee jumping or touring a new city with an organized group is an adventure to explore. Bonding with people of shared interests is an apt foundation for relationship building. So, why not take advantage of all the traveling going on this season and find yourself some love? This is great because you can explore new places while sharing those memories with a potential someone.

No matter the situation leading to your need for new relationships, always stay true to yourself and avoid the pressure of desperation. Good luck!

Featured image: Alesia Kazantceva/Unsplash

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