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Rave-Worthy Look Of The Day: Lisa Folawiyo Stuns In Contrasting Prints

Rave-Worthy Look Of The Day: Lisa Folawiyo Stuns In Contrasting Prints


Apart from being a highly skilled fashion designer, Lisa Folawiyo is best known for her innovative style which she ensembles in ways we have never seen before.

She regularly colors by mixing contrasting patterns, proving why she is the reigning queen of prints. From blinding neon greens to vibrant shades of pink, Lisa manages to combine clashing colors in a classy and covetable way. Even those who shy away from bright colors have a hard time resisting her servings.

Photo: Instagram – @lisafolawiyo

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It’s her delicate balance of consistency and innovation when it comes to styling herself that makes Lisa Folawiyo such a style icon. In a recent look, Lisa stuns in contrasting prints again. Usually, these prints wouldn’t work together but somehow, the style star pulled it off and easily won us over. So haute, so rebellious. What’s not to love?

Photo: Instagram – @lisafolawiyo

For the look, she styled a Marine Serre monochrome moon-print turtleneck top underneath a colorful loose blouse and culotte set. She accessorized with a pair of white Prada loafers, a black Hermès Birkin bag, and a statement baroque-designed cat-frame sunglasses which you can get here

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Usually, when two prints at both ends of the spectrum are combined, they clash. But this isn’t the case here. Lisa Folawiyo made them work by restricting one print to neutral colors (black and white) while the other entertained an array of colors. That’s a fashion tip right there!

Photo: Instagram – lisafolawiyo

With so many statement pieces competing for attention, it has to be the Marine Serre turtleneck monochrome jersey top for us. The it-piece has been seen on many other fashion icons and A-list celebrities including Beyoncé and Adele.

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Cover photo credit: Instagram – lisafolawiyo 

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