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Nollywood Sweetheart Linda Osifo Releases New Pictures Ahead Of Her Birthday

Nollywood Sweetheart Linda Osifo Releases New Pictures Ahead Of Her Birthday


Award-winning Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo, who was recently nominated for the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF) Awards, releases stunning new pictures ahead of her birthday on July 27, 2020. Linda Osifo News Birthday Story

The gorgeous Edo native, apart from being an award-winning actress, is also a model and a philanthropist. Her philanthropic LAO Foundation (an acronym for Love and Oneness) is a Non-Governmental Organisation, which currently has ‘The Child to school Project’ and ‘The Clean water for all Project’, as part of the projects they’re working on. Linda Osifo News Birthday Story

Linda Osifo is reflective as she adds another year to her life and she centers her thoughts on the power of being black and proud. The dark-skinned actress believes that her skin color is a rare gift: one that exudes beauty and confidence. She has always owned her ‘melanin’ skin and is proud of it. Melanin goals, anyone?


She goes spiritual as she muses:

“Seven is my lucky number, it symbolizes positivity and spiritual perfection. My birth month being in the seventh month is extremely special to me. I always feel great positive energy whenever it is my birth month.”

In a traditional environment where actors stick to the art and symmetry of film, the sultry actress has always dared to stand out from the crowd––daring to be different. Linda Osifo also strongly believes that good looks should only be a bonus, not the main factor. Linda Osifo natural hair hairstyle. Nollywood actress.

As she exudes positive energy and seeks spiritual perfection in celebrating her birth month, one can safely say that Nollywood sweetheart, Linda Osifo, represents a younger generation, well on their way to introduce a dynamic that will be cataclysmic for the future of the industry, for self, and for dark-skinned women.

Check out other stunning shots from her pre-birthday shoot…

linda-osifo-age-style-birthday linda-osifo-age-style-birthday

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