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How To Rock The Latest Winter Fashion Trends In Whimsical Audacity: 21 Looks + Styling Tips

How To Rock The Latest Winter Fashion Trends In Whimsical Audacity: 21 Looks + Styling Tips


When it comes to the impact of fashion this year, it can’t be denied that fashion has become quite therapeutic as it’s created an exhilarating and heuristic experience for its devotees in what has been a trying year. Continuing the cycle in uplifting ways, the latest winter fashion trends to expect are both functional and fun! The best winter fashion for women 2020. S T Y L E  R A V E.

While winter doesn’t officially start in the United States until December 21, in some parts of the Northern and Western Hemispheres, low temperatures are already dictating winter style as fall fashion pieces get an additional layer or more.

From an array of unconventional color palettes to omnipresent neutrals and a variety of fashion-forward accessories, 2020’s best winter trends sure come with something for every woman. Interestingly, the latest winter fashion trends stand as on offshoot of the passel of trends witnessed in the past seasons. They fuse fads and individuality with a blend of classic and contemporary designs.

Whether you’re a street style kinda girl or a high fashion maven, these trends are a must-try. From edgy leather pieces to knitted bodycon fits, this roundup is something like a fashionista’s wishlist.

Check out 11 of the best winter fashion trends you should know this season…

Ensemble Pieces

#1. Leather pieces

Glossy, high-end and hate! These are the words that best describe leather fibres in their glory. Specially fit for the cold weather, the workhouse fabric adds a little something extra to your winter wardrobe. Additionally, it shines through with monochrome outfits in tinges like red, black and brown, especially when layered over turtlenecks and maxi dresses.

brown leather coat fur winter fashion trends stylerave
Sai Sankoh
black leather latest winter fashion trends stylerave
Füsun Lindner

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#2. Bodycon Silhouettes

If you love accentuating your favourite features or you’re simply in the mood for shape-framing staples, look no further! Bodycon dresses, skirts and tops are in and on a hot streak. To switch things up a bit with the sartorial numbers, try pairing them with boyish blazers or longline jackets. Likewise, playing with elevated fabrics and proportions like calf-length styles do the trick.

bodycon co-ord set stylerave
Amy Julliette Lefévre
brown bodycon maxi dress stylerave
Beverly Beal

#3. Balloon Sleeves

Adding the perfect amount of pizzazz and drama to your list of staples, ballon detailed ensembles are very much in. By giving off Dynasty’s Alexis Carrington vibes, its charm is full of pump with no bounds. Effortlessly winning when rocked in a milkmaid top or midi dress, it makes room for a perfect winter wonderland flair. 

Fisayo Longe black leather  maxi dress balloon sleeves stylerave
Fisayo Longe
yellow balloon sleeves maxi dress winter fashion stylerave
Victoria Barbára

#4. Puffer Jackets

Earning major style points as a runway-inspired fit from powerhouses like Dior and Prada, puffer jackets are too fab to ignore this season. With an edge to paving the way for fashion-forward staples in winter, it stands as an intrinsic part of your outfit. To rock it to the nth degree, details like cinched waists, deep side pockets and unconventional zip placements set the bar. 

blue puffer jacket winter fashion trends 2020 stylerave
Juliette Foxx

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#5. The Quilt Trend

Taking the contemporary market by storm as one of the latest winter fashion trends, quilts are modish now. Finding its way through the season in form of jackets, skirts and shirts, its crafty identity screams warmth. If you’re leaning towards its eccentricity, co-ord outfits in tailored silhouettes and neutral tones are your go-to. 

quilt fashion trend 2020 stylerave
Füsun Lindner

Colors and Patterns

#6. Winter Whites

You can never go wrong with white this winter, as the color symbolises a sense of newness and audacity. The iridescent hue makes any outfit look posh and fabulous, regardless of the shade it’s rocked in. From tints of eggshell and cream to titanium and ivory, its adaptability comes through easily. For instance, ribbed sweaters in any of the tinges work perfectly for a Sunday brunch, while coats and boots stun during a lovely stroll in the park. 

white winter fashion trends 2020 stylerave
@gratsikat & @grandykat

#7. Neutral Tones

Transforming your closet in monochromatic bliss this season, neutral colors stay at the forefront of lushness. Not only is an outfit under the chrome easy to replicate, but it looks tasteful on everyone. To kick things up a notch with the fad, experimenting with varying shades like sand, camel and buff is key. 

neutral winter fashion trends stylerave
Asiyami Gold
Patricia Bright neutral fashion trends stylerave
Patricia Bright

#8. Butter-Yellow

For a dreamy, whimsical and pastel take on winter fashion trends, butter-yellow should be on your radar.  You can choose to go for a full yellow-on-yellow moment, or you can shake things up by throwing in some neutral tints for the top or bottom. 

butter yellow winter style 2020 stylerave
Yuki Akinosho

#9. Houndstooth Prints

Despite its peak identity during spring, houndstooth prints make statements during winter. The sophisticated duotone textile is often rocked in a mini skirt-suit outfit, as well as chic jumpsuits and boilersuits. It’s safe to say that you can never go wrong with versatility. 

houndstooth cardigan fashion trends 2020 stylerave
Juliette Foxx
Alexandra Lapp houndstooth prints stylerave
Alexandra Lapp

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#10. Bold checks

Nothing screams charisma in fashion like bold checks in design. The winter fashion trend has a handiness on class that only be experienced when styled to perfection. Treating stylistas to a fun and unique fashion moment, it can be mixed and matched with other prints like stripes and predominantly stuns in white and black outfit choices. 

green bold check prints winter fashion 2020 stylerave
Blair Eadie
big check prints leather thigh high boots stylerave
Sade Akinosho

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