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SR International: Lakeith Stanfield Shares His Favorite Things, Solidarity Amidst Strike And More

SR International: Lakeith Stanfield Shares His Favorite Things, Solidarity Amidst Strike And More


“In front, I love my water bottle—always got to stay hydrated. I really started paying attention to my hydration when I was filming Haunted Mansion with Disney, because I had a lot of stunts to do, running around, jumping, things like that,” Lakeith Stanfield—who reportedly has a net worth of $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth—said. Lakeith Stanfield Net Worth

“So I overdid it on the big jug. It’s 125 ounces. My pee is not yellow. To the right of that is my Leica M11 Monochrom. I started doing photography after I shot this movie called The Photograph with Issa Rae. My character was a photographer. I decided to pick up a camera, and I learned that I loved taking photos. It’s really fun to capture a portrait that feels like a great illustration of a moment you were feeling or seeing, or that someone else was having, and the kind of spur of the moment–ness of it.

Photo: Erik Carter for WSJ. Magazine.

“I find it very fun to hunt for photos because it makes you view the world in a new, fresh way. Behind that is a car seat, with a doll in it. Got to have a car seat for the kids just to make sure that they are able to get to and fro, so always have one of those handy just to make sure I’m able to transport my loves.”

Here are a few things Lakeith Stanfield revealed to WSJ. Magazine…

Stanfield on wanting to direct:

Photo: Erik Carter for WSJ. Magazine.

“Oftentimes, I’m on set and I’ll irritate actors by sort of semi-directing. I love storytelling a lot and all the different creative ways one can go about achieving it.”

“I really want to direct; that is bucket list. I’m currently trying to just learn as much as I can about what that looks like. But that’s something I definitely want to do.”

Stanfield on his motivation:

“I want to do things that I find fun, whatever that might be. I might pop a wig on, I might do whatever I might do. Who knows?”

Stanfield on his starring role in the upcoming Book Of Clarence:

“This movie has been the most challenging movie I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. It technically involves almost every aspect of my career up until this point, whether it be training to ride horses, stunts, fighting, emotional scenes where I’m brought to tears, scenes where it’s just the most hilarious predicament that I’ve ever found myself in, the accent work.”

“Really unique movies like this are what I wanted to be doing in my career when I first started.”

Stanfield on working on his first album:

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“I really just try to come from the heart and make fun stuff and make stuff that also just has to do with whatever I’m experiencing at the time. I go through the lot in a day, in a year, so I just record some pivotal moments. It’s almost like my audio diary to an extent, but it also has some fantastical elements that give me a creative license that I don’t really necessarily have as an actor. I write with a creative flair.”

Stanfield on his past admission of experiencing “crippling anxiety,” and how he’s managed those feelings:

“Anxiety? What anxiety? I think I have taken special care to always be working on myself and working on how I relate to my experiences and just always doing inventory to make sure that I’m checking in with myself before I go into any kind of work. I’m in a really great place right now. I feel amazing. I feel confident. I feel ready to take on the world and whatever obstacles may, and inevitably do, come my way. And a lot of that was internal work and assessing myself. I’ve also been in therapy. I stay in therapy consistently. I think it’s really helpful if you can have someone that you can talk to that can help you create mirror images of yourself.”

Stanfield on the strike (interview was conducted before the SAG-AFTRA strike was announced):

“And again, shout-out to the writers. We respect them and we respect their hustle and what they’re doing and believe in it as well. All the talent off of the screen as well. I just think everyone deserves to have fairness and for them to be considered in this beautiful gift that we have in making shows and movies and media. Not everybody that’s involved in entertainment has this flashy, beautiful, crazy celebrity life. Most people don’t become filthy wealthy in this business. And I think people should understand that. These fights that we’re doing for the writers and for any other strikes that we end up doing in support of these people, it’s a real fight. It’s not something that people are just rich and sitting back and trying to get more money for.” Lakeith Stanfield Net Worth

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Photos: Erik Carter for WSJ. Magazine.

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