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Lagos Fashion Week Woven Threads IV: Standing The Test Of Time Is Here – Here’s What To Expect

Lagos Fashion Week Woven Threads IV: Standing The Test Of Time Is Here – Here’s What To Expect


Lagos Fashion Week (LFW) Woven Threads IV: Standing the Test of Time is all set to kickstart from April 21-23, 2023. This season, the exhibition aims to celebrate the ingenuity and resilience of African fashion designers while emphasizing the importance of sustainability and waste reduction in the industry.

Curated by Yegwa Ukpo and Phillip Fagbeyiro of Newtype, LFW Woven Threads IV will feature a hybrid showcase of physical and digital expressions that highlight African design principles and their intrinsic circularity. The exhibition will showcase designers who innovate through textiles, exploring various avenues for creativity on the continent while emphasizing the importance of responsible practices in building their brands. Participating designers include Nkwo, TJWHO, Emmy Kasbit, Kadiju, Abiola Olusola, Eki Kere, Pepperrow, Cute-saint, Cynthia Abila, FIA, Pettre Taylor, Lilabare, Kilentar, and Diakwu Cloth.


On Thursday, April 20, there will be a Fashion Business Series Stakeholders’ roundtable discussion on “Stop Waste Colonialism” – a campaign led by The OR Foundation. The discussion will feature Industry leaders who will discuss waste colonialism and its impact on our African environment and communities.

The exhibition will have installations, digital presentations, workshops showcasing weaving, and looming techniques by Macrame, Diakwu Cloth, and Mitimeth, and the fourth edition of SwapShop hosted by ZeeZee of ZeClutter. Key themes for the exhibition are waste, circularity, preserved traditional design practices, artisans, community, closed-loop systems, and product life cycles.

Digital presentations will feature KikoRomeo, Katush, Heru Shezi (Green Access 2022, South Africa), and Olisa Kenya (Green Access 2022, Kenya). Accessories will be presented by Maliko (shoes), Shem Paronelli (shoes), KKERELE (shoes), and Shekudo (shoes and bags). Workshops will be hosted by Chibuzor Emodi of Macramé and Mitimeth.

LFW Woven Threads IV physical installation is open to the public from Saturday 22nd April and will run till 23rd April 2023 at 32D Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi.

Woven Threads IV is an initiative of Style House Files and Lagos Fashion Week. For more information on Woven Threads x Lagos Fashion Week, visit their Instagram @lagosfashionweekofficial or visit

Featured Image: Courtesy of Lagos Fashion Week

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